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      Alteryx Analytics

      20+ Surprising Results You Can Achieve with Alteryx Analytics [INFOGRAPHIC]

      Jun 13, 2016

      1 minute read

      Big data isn’t just a buzzword! Data is flowing from a variety of sources like Google Analytics, Marketo, Salesforce, Communities, to name a few. Data Scientists can uncover surprising insights by blending the data from all these sources using tools like Alteryx. What’s more, the new Alteryx Analytics 10.5 comes with a host of new connectors and tools which makes data importation and visualization a breeze.

      This infographic shows how decision makers can leverage Alteryx Analytics to produce key business results and get a 360° view of their business — from Marketing to Sales, Customer Support and much more.

      Alteryx Workflow

      Leverage Big Data with Alteryx

      Grazitti Interactive, an Alteryx Preferred Partner, specializes in Predictive Intelligence, Salesforce Optimization, and Marketing Automation. Grazitti extends predictive and prescriptive solutions using advanced analytics to increase win rates and reduce costs. To know more, drop us a line at