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      Best Ways to Optimize Returns from Your Booth at Dreamforce 2017

      Oct 27, 2017

      4 minutes read

      Setting up a booth at Dreamforce has always been a good way to generate new sales pipeline, build customer relationships, and create brand awareness.

      However, it requires a huge investment. From flights, hotel room to sponsorships and booth swag, businesses spend tens of thousands to even millions based on the sponsor party they throw to drive desirable results from an event.

      Grazitti at Dreamforce 2017

      Here, we have put together 6 things to help you drive expected returns from your booth at Dreamforce 2017.

      Creating Awareness

      Booth location – Finding you should be easy!

      Setting up a good booth at a key location would be like half the battle won. Especially, if you’re debuting this year, we suggest you check out the event map and book a booth next to or near walkaways, conference halls or any other key location.

      Leveraging digital media

      Once you get the booth number, set up email campaigns, do social media outreach to let others know that you are also attending the event, and where they can find you.

      Your sales team can also set up calls with prospects and invite them to visit your booth during Dreamforce.

      Also, share your banner image that you will use at Dreamforce so that interested people can easily recognize you at the event.

      Collaborate with partners – Cross-promotion is the key!

      At Dreamforce, you will find numerous companies offering similar or different products/services. See, if your partners are joining you there. You can also make new partners for cross-promotion. In case they meet a customer, who is looking for products or services that you are offering, they can simply refer them to your booth.

      Building Engagement

      Staffing at the booth – Set the right impression!

      In order to smooth out the engagement, it is advisable to choose your teammates meticulously who can answer the booth visitors’ queries and engage them. Furthermore, you should also discuss with your team how you will introduce your company, product, services, and rehearse with them the same.

      Business cards – Scanner and sharing

      Since you will be exchanging visiting cards a lot during those 4 days, it is recommended to download a business card scanner app onto your Smartphone. It will save you from the hassle of storing all paper-based business cards.

      Marketing & sales collateral – Must portray your expertise in the field!

      There will be a lot of people willing to learn more about your company, expertise, and offerings. Although you will give them an impressive product demo, it is advisable to hand over some great marketing and sales collateral so that they can read and remember your brand post-event.

      Discuss with your team, and decide what should be the product positioning, target statement, and other information in all promotional material such as brochures, data sheets, flyers, etc.

      Booth swag – Stand out in the crowd!

      You will find many attendees offering more or less similar services. So, how would you bring a difference to your brand?

      When attempting to engage with a customer, the first few seconds are the most crucial. What they hear or see in the first few seconds decides their level of interest in your product or service.  So, pay special attention to your booth’s swag. All the promotional material, including graphics and text, must convey the right message to your target audience.

      The more interactive your booth design is, the more buzz it will create surrounding your brand. If possible, create a place for visitors to spend time in your booth as it will give your staff more time to approach them on a personal level.

      Optimizing Returns

      Create meeting notes

      Since you will meet a lot of prospects, customers, and partners interested in your products/services at Dreamforce, it is advisable to keep meeting notes to nurture these leads later. There are many mobile apps available online to help you create and save meeting notes.

      Schedule follow up meetings

      Upon giving product demo or explaining your services, you should schedule a follow-up meeting with potential leads to close deals faster. Use a meeting space management app to book a space and invite your customers to join you.

      Budgeting – Invest right, invest wisely!

      The amount you allocate for an event correlates to the scope of your returns and the volume, size, and location of other shows you are planning to attend in a given year. In addition to the flights and accommodation, you will be paying for exhibit hall space, utilities, and related booth expenses, booth staff, transportation etc.

      Measure ROI – Compare your investment & return

      Once Dreamforce is over, it is the right time to calculate whether it was worth the investment. The best way to track ROI is using the below formula:

      Gross Profit-Marketing Expenses/Marketing Expenses

      Another yet simple method to track ROI is through estimating the $ value added to the sales pipeline and assuming what percentage (%) of that value could be converted into the final realized $.

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      Grazitti at Dreamforce 2017