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      Dreamforce 2017: A Must-Visit Event for Salesforce Enthusiasts

      Oct 13, 2017

      3 minute read

      The much-awaited Dreamforce, one of the biggest technology conferences of the year is around the corner. It will be held on November 6-9 in San Francisco and is a “cannot-afford-to-miss” event for Salesforce enthusiasts. As mentioned by Salesforce, the event will be jam-packed with 4 days of learning, getting Inspired, giving back, having a ball and connecting with fellow trailblazers.

      There will be 2,700+ sessions, world-renowned leaders, and Salesforce experts to help you discover a whole new world of innovation and succeed in your business. Doesn’t matter, whether you are a startup with a handful of employees or one among the Fortune 500.

      At Dreamforce, you will get an opportunity to listen to reputable global leaders such as Marc Benioff, Sylvia Acevedo, Barbara Pierce Bush, Ashton Kutcher and Jenna Hager. Former first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama was recently added to the list of keynote speakers.

      Besides exploring new opportunities, it is a must-attend event to connect with fellow trailblazers and discover thousands of cutting-edge products and solutions. It will help you and your business innovate, succeed, and stay ahead of the competition. One among the fellow trailblazers is Grazitti Interactive.

      Dreamforce 2017

      Why You Must Visit Grazitti Booth at Dreamforce 2017-

      1. Consult Salesforce experts – Anumeet Kaur, Ayub Ansari, and Nipun Garg to get the most out of your Salesforce platform through innovative advanced customization, integrations and Salesforce platform-based products.
      2. Get a detailed walkthrough of our following products
        1. SearchUnify: An enterprise search solution to improve search experience and deliver right results to users by integrating multiple platforms on your website, online communities, Intranet etc.
        2. ZakCalendar Scheduler: Salesforce based app to get clear visibility into each meeting (customer, prospect, and partner) at events and maximize your sales pipeline.
        3. Sinergify: Collaborate your sales and product team to provide right and faster resolution to customer cases and gain insights to achieve product-market fit.
        4. Lightning Components Package: Easily adapt to the Lightning platform and gain a head start over competitors by using lightning ready out-of-the-box components and skins for communities and experience.
      1. Discuss your Salesforce platform strategy and get it validated by our experts.
      2. Discover how you can easily verticalize Salesforce Community Cloud suited to your industry and business needs. Build integrations to enhance community performance and get closer to your digital audience.
      3. Learn to deploy and use Wave Dashboards to monitor and track User’s behavior in your community.
      4. Discuss the right way to improve sales team productivity by smartly utilizing Sales Cloud. Also, consult to implement CPQ setup to automate billing process of your organization.
      5. Explore the potential of Service Cloud to equip your support/success/service team with right information to resolve customer queries faster and improve retention rate. Predict customer dissatisfaction rate and take corrective actions.

      Schedule a Meeting Now!

      Book a meeting today with Grazitti Interactive on your preferred date at booth #143, Moscone Square, San Francisco. We would be glad to partner up with you to maximize the returns from your Salesforce investment.

      Let’s join hands!

      Feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] or visit us at to get more details.

      Dreamforce 2017

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