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      Headless Commerce + Marketing Automation—The Power of Two to Level Up Your eCommerce Business

      Feb 25, 2022

      3 minute read

      Think about the last time you made an online purchase.

      What did your journey look like?

      Maybe you saw an ad for a product on social media that spiked your interest or you actively searched for it on Google.

      Then, you consumed some content such as product descriptions, how-to blogs, comparison videos to learn more about the product.

      To make your purchase decision, you engaged with the brand further by checking the reviews and ratings and contacting customer support to resolve any query you might have.

      In the meantime, the brand emailed you a discount offer on the product that you simply couldn’t resist. So, you finally hit the buy button and purchased the product.

      The brand again follows up for post-purchase support over the phone and collects feedback from you via its mobile app.

      The whole process ended up with you not only buying the product but also a seamless personalized omnichannel shopping experience that helped you purchase effortlessly.

      This is what every customer is looking for in their buyers’ journey. And this is what your eCommerce business needs to increase conversions, build customer loyalty, and create positive lasting impressions of your brand.

      The two main drivers behind this experience are—headless commerce and marketing automation.

      In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both these concepts and their benefits for your business to gain maximum positive outcomes.

      headless commerce and marketing automation

      Headless Commerce: Headless Architecture in eCommerce

      Headless commerce is an eCommerce architecture where the head (frontend) is separated from the backend of the application. You can update or change the frontend (user interface, digital marketplace, social commerce, IoT) per your choice to build an application however you want without having to interfere with the backend.

      This gives you the flexibility to deliver connected experiences to your visitors across multiple touchpoints. The content (data) that is already there in the backend delivers to the frontend with the help of APIs.

      Understand Headless Commerce In-depth With A Guide to Headless Commerce.

      Benefits of Headless Commerce for eCommerce Businesses

      Headless commerce has multiple benefits for different levels of a business –

      For Business Owners & Leaders: Launch Faster and Deploy Multiple Touchpoints

      Headless commerce allows you to create multiple storefronts to launch new products, sister brands, and customer touchpoints using a single solution. Hence, you can offer unified consistent experiences to customers, expand your business, and get faster time to market.

      For Marketers & Content Creators: Deliver Rich Content Experiences

      Headless commerce enables you to offer content-rich experiences by optimizing your pages. You can take full control of each iteration of the content and display personalized offers to every customer.

      For Developers & IT Executives: Flexible Development and Future-Proof Infrastructure

      Headless commerce gives you the freedom to work with your favorite tools and frameworks without too much technical debt. You can also future-proof your infrastructure and enhance its performance significantly.

      eCommerce Automation: Marketing Automation in eCommerce

      Marketing automation in eCommerce enables you to automate, streamline, and measure a marketing process to increase your business’ operational efficiency. There are various marketing automation software, tools, and platforms that allow you to eliminate repetitive tasks and expedite workflows.

      On the customer front, marketing automation helps you to better nurture your leads by automatically triggering actions based on their behavior. You can also create, manage, and implement various marketing campaigns to promote your products and enhance the sales cycle.

      Benefits of Marketing Automation for eCommerce Businesses

      Marketing automation empowers businesses to connect with their customers quickly and accelerate business operations.

      For Business Owners: Focus on Scaling and Brand Building

      Marketing automation helps you cut down your task list in half, thereby, boosting your productivity and allowing you the time to focus on value-add tasks. It also gives you access to relevant data that helps in making well-informed decisions for business growth.

      For Marketers & Customer Success Executives: Improve Marketing Campaigns & Customer Experiences

      Marketing automation helps you to better nurture leads by creating personalized experiences that improve engagement. Additionally, it helps reduce cart abandonment and enables you to work towards customer satisfaction and retention.

      For Business Operators: Streamline Workflows and Data Management

      Marketing automation can streamline all your mundane eCommerce operations including shipping, fulfillment, and logistics for every line order you receive. It also helps you keep track of all your data and update it automatically.

      Build Your Own Experience-Led Agile eCommerce Store

      Headless commerce and marketing automation together equip your eCommerce store with digital agility to automate your operations and enhance your customer experiences. However, adopting the right headless commerce platform and integrating suitable marketing automation tools for the desired results can be tricky given their complex nature.

      That’s why it’s important to thoroughly understand these technologies before implementing them in your business. And what better way to do this, than learn directly from experts!

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