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      How to Use Twitter for Event Management

      Jul 13, 2010

      2 minute read

      • Create account on twitter. Relevant user name should be chosen, e.g. the “event name”.
      • Use your targeted keywords on twitter search to find your targeted audience and start following people from your industry.
      • Recruit past attendees of the event to your twitter account.
      Use Twitter for Event Management
      • Create a list of Hash tags with relevant keywords, for instance, #keyword to update posts. For e.g. somebody from printing industry should use hash tags like #PrintEvent, #PrintNews, etc.
      • If more than one person from an organization is on Twitter then everyone should be using the same hash tags.
      • Show your generosity – Retweet each other’s tags.
      • Adjust your settings on Linkedin and set your status updates with twitter update. Any update you make will be seen by your connections on Linkedin.
      • Due to 140 character limit of tweets, try to keep your tweet short so that it is easier for others to retweet your message without going through the hassle of shortening it.
      • Use url shortener services like to shorten your links and get real-time statistics about popularity of your links.
      • Use services like TwitrPix, yfrog or TwitPic to share images on twitter.

      What should I tweet about?

      Content Generation before the Event

      • Write quotes to engage people.
      • Tweet about statistics of the event – how many people are going to come, who’s who is participating.
      • Tweet pictures of the event held last year.
      • Give links to valuable information about your industry that will interest others.
      • Tweet about why one should join the event.
      • Tweet about features of the event, giving your followers an idea about the event.
      • Update links to important videos, webinars or other related stories.
      • Update atleast 2 or 3 tweets every day.
      • Lead them to what is the procedure to join the event.

      Content Generation during the Event

      • Provide real-time information during the event to your followers who were unable to attend in person.
      • Tweet about Speaker of the event and what he discussed with the audience.
      • Update atleast one tweet every hour.
      • Tweet about the success of the Event.

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