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      Leverage Search Insights to Improve your Content Strategy

      Apr 11, 2017

      2 minute read

      Content strategy is considered a highly effective tactic that delivers an irresistible user experience and makes your customers coming back. According to Stratabeat, “80 percent of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles, versus an advertisement.” After analyzing when, where, and what users are searching for on your website or community, you can redefine your content strategy to make it capable of closing more cases (improving case deflection). This further allows you to measure the quality of search results which improves the productivity of support reps and makes the process more streamlined.

      How to improve your content strategy and support process?

      You can improve your content strategy through a detailed content gap analysis that provides you with useful insights into the content performance helping you identify the content gaps and take the required measures to fill those gaps. Content gap analysis makes you aware of what users are searching for, what their queries are, what content pieces they find useful, what the least performing content sources are, and much more.

      Therefore, content gap analysis helps you revamp your existing content strategy and align it with the buyer’s requirements at the right stage of the buying cycle. Since the content reaches customers at the right point in their journey, it leads to more deflection of cases that improves the support process. Undoubtedly, this increases the efficiency of support reps too.

      For improving the content strategy and support process of your business, it is advisable for you to analyze the gaps in your content strategy by following the steps below:

      • Identify the key metrics to achieve your content marketing goals. The key metrics may include – the number of leads generated, cost per visit, social share count, funnel conversion rate and more.
      • Measure the performance of your content pieces against the key metrics listed in the step above.
      • Perform a content audit to get an inventory of your content and relevant metrics.
      • Identify future performance values with effective competitor analysis to get insights into the performance of your competitor’s content.
      • Identify the current gaps in your content and create an action plan to fix the issues leading to content gaps.

      With our AI-driven enterprise search product Search Unify, you need not follow the entire time-taking process mentioned above. Since Search Unify uses intelligent search reporting, it enables you to subscribe to and view reports for search queries across different regions, top conversions, queries driving minimal search results, content usage, and performance. By leveraging content performance insights to deliver relevant and personalized search results to your customers, it lets you improve your content strategy – leading to higher customer satisfaction (CSAT).

      Want to know more about Search Unify?

      At Grazitti Interactive, our certified Salesforce experts have built Search Unify, an advanced search product that delivers effective and relevant search results, provides deep insights into the content performance and offers self-service to the customers. If you want to know more about Search Unify, drop us an email at

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