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      Top 4 Reasons for Marketers to Attend Dreamforce 2018

      Aug 28, 2018

      3 minute read

      Dreamforce ‘18 is going to be huge for marketers.

      Marc Benioff is going to talk about Salesforce’s recent acquisitions and partnerships—underlining his company’s renewed emphasis on Marketing and Commerce clouds—and the forces shaping the industry. Marketers cannot afford to miss.

      why marketers should attend dreamforce 2018

      Having said this, it’s not going to be easy to decide what to do at Dreamforce. Choosing between more than 2,700 sessions, locating sponsors, and selecting the right keynotes is often more difficult than most of us imagine.

      You might already have experienced the “paradox of choice” if you are flying to San Francisco next month, but it does not have to torment you any longer.

      We bring you in this blog a curated list of sessions and activities that no community manager can afford to miss. Let’s get started.

      1. Sessions

      Here are the four sessions no marketer should miss.

      #AIpower: 3 Ways Conversational AI is Boosting Sales & Customer Engagement
      The speaker is Carl Landers of Conversica and he will talk about the techniques to personalize communication in an era where everyone is super-busy. AI is invoked to assist marketers pull off this job.

      $100M from Outbound in the GDPR era
      Miss those good ol’ times when you could grow a company from $0 to $100M through outbound email marketing? Those days are back. Vaughn Aust and Mark Kosoglow will share the techniques you can use to power your sales engine in the GDPR era.

      9 AppExchange Apps to Extend Marketing Cloud Across Your Business
      Yes, there is an app for that. In this session, Latrice Barnett will unveil nine apps that “(1) create real-time, personalized content (2) connect with customers throughout their journey and (3) better leverage mobile technologies.” Latrice is a Senior ISV Solution Manager at Salesforce.

      Build Branded Mobile Apps for your Employees without Writing Code!
      Usually marketers have the bigger picture in mind and programmers juggle zeros and ones. Both are good at what they do. But if communication is not the forte of either, a lot can get lost during communication. Prevent that. Start building apps. Rachel Beard will show how marketers with absolutely zero knowledge of coding can build professional-looking, branded mobile apps.

      The exhaustive list of other Dreamforce ‘18 sessions can be found at sessions for people in marketing roles.

      2. Parties

      Grazitti is not just about work, neither is Dreamforce ‘18. We love partying as much as we love managing brand communities and developing Salesforce apps. If you are like us, San Francisco will have a treat for you.

      Whatfix has compiled a masterlist of Dreamforce ‘18 parties and our party crashers can vouch for it. You will definitely want to check out the list because the parties will be fun and crazy.

      3. Clients

      While it is easy to generate information about your clients (Say “Thanks” to Tim Berners-Lee), it is far more difficult to put yourself in their shoes and feel empathetic about them.

      Poised to be attended by more than 180,000 people, Dreamforce ‘18 will give you plenty of opportunities to interact with your customers and prospects, understand them as human beings who have real problems, and appreciate the obstacles they face in achieving solutions.

      When you have an understanding of how your customers think and feel, what they hear, and how they see the world around them, you will be able to come up with personas that respond to your marketing campaigns exceptionally well.

      4. Peers

      Dreamforce ‘18 presents you an opportunity to get into the minds of marketers from across the world. Meet your peers and learn from them to blaze your own trail.

      There will be plenty of formal meeting opportunities as well, such as bootcamps and certifications, where you can acquire new skills and grow in your career.

      Need More Assistance? Write to Us!

      If you need more assistance in choosing which sessions to attend, write to us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or at We have been attending Dreamforce for several years and will be glad to help.

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