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    Grazitti Interactive Launches Selenium 2 Automation Framework

    Chandigarh – October 01, 2012 – Grazitti Interactive™, a full service digital marketing company, today announced the launch of Selenium 2 Automation Framework version 1.0, a ‘Data-Driven Testing Framework’ with Selenium 2.0 (Webdriver) and Java Programming language. This framework will help quality analysts and testing teams setup Selenium automation with just a click, increase code re-usage, provide higher portability, and reduce script maintenance cost among other benefits.“Available as a free download for quality testers and Selenium users so that they can leverage the benefits of Selenium without going through the toil of extensive research for setting up Selenium testing. We believe that Selenium is a significant automation platform and this is our contribution back to the open source community.” noted Neeta Ramsisaria , CTO Grazitti Interactive™. “Quality is the hallmark of great products and this framework showcases our commitment to helping our clients produce exceptional products by ensuring extensive, reliable, and faster testing.”

    Key features of the framework include:

    Well defined architectural design
    Script execution in multiple environments
    Easier, faster and efficient analysis of result logs
    Easy debugging and script maintenance
    100% reliability of Utility Scripts, online execution, report packs

    For more information or to download Selenium 2 Automation Framework please visit:

    Selenium Data Driven Framework

    About Grazitti Interactive™
    Grazitti Interactive™ offers a unique combination of skills, experience, and latest technology to drive innovative, quality-centric, and affordable solutions in domains of Marketo,, web development, software testing, and digital marketing. For its Quality Assurance service, Grazitti Interactive™ follows international test parameters to provide end- to – end quality assurance testing and ensure smooth end user experience. Starting with creating an exhaustive list of test cases, we do various types of testing including smoke testing, functional testing, and regression testing; and provide automated testing expertise.