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    Grazitti Interactive Announces Sponsorship for TheCR Connect 2019 in Boston, MA

    San Ramon, CA | Sep 5, 2019 – Grazitti Interactive has announced a sponsorship for TheCR Connect 2019. Scheduled to be held in Boston, MA from September 23 to 25, 2019.

    TheCR Connect is exclusively for online community practitioners who will get a chance to connect with an enthusiastic group of community leaders. The three-day conference will feature practical workshops and customer-led breakout sessions to help you grow as a community professional.

    “The Roundtable Connect will be a wonderful platform to showcase how we solve community challenges in a way which is most convenient for you. The experts from Grazitti Interactive are excited to display their capabilities and showcase the range of online community services that we provide,” said Alok Ramsisaria, CEO of Grazitti Interactive.

    You can meet Team Grazitti at the CR Connect, Boston, MA, at booth #12.

    About Grazitti Interactive®

    Grazitti Interactive is a leading global professional services company, offering valuable solutions and services. Grazitti works at the intersection of technology and business to help businesses improve their services and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. Our experts are helping businesses of all sizes to build effective online presence and manage solutions such as Marketing Automation, Online communities, and Analytics.

    As credible online community experts, Grazitti offers a broad range of community-building services, provides a rich community experience, drives user experience, and helps achieve your business objectives.

    About Community Roundtable CR Connect, 2019

    The CR Connect is a learning conference primarily for online community practitioners – those engaged in the development, implementation, management, and measurement of community initiatives. The series of activities include sessions on online communities, group discussions and training programs.

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