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    Salesforce Field Service (FS) connects the workforce, the customers, and the product on a single platform to deliver exceptional on-site services. It allows customer support teams to intelligently delegate work to field service technicians and monitor them constantly.
    And in order to enhance the existing capabilities of Salesforce FS, Grazitti aces have developed the ‘FS Booster’ that helps organizations increase the productivity of their field agents.

    FS Booster – Surpassing the Limitations of Salesforce
    Field Service

    Grazitti’s FS Booster comes in handy during field service implementations as it vigilantly manages the field agent’s work. It has a bundle of utilities that act as add-on capabilities or features to the existing FS implementation. Once you install the package, you can customize any utilities within the FS Booster according to your requirements.

    Why Choose Salesforce Field Service
    (FS) Booster?

    Enhanced Capabilities of
    Existing FS Implementations
    Additional FS Features
    Specific Use Cases
    Reduced Manual Working

    Use Cases

    Our FS Booster helps Administrators, Field Service Agents, Dispatchers, and
    Field Executives (Technicians) in streamlining the field service processes by:
    Assigning Field Service resources as a ‘service crew’ and enabling them with the automatic assignment of resources at the group level instead of the individual technician level.
    Avoid Pseudo
    Holiday Appointments
    Linking holiday calendars with the territory’s technicians’ work calendars to prevent the wrong assignment of work order to a technician on a holiday.
    Enhanced Location and Work
    Order Accessibility
    Improving visualization of work orders on a certain location and reduces the back and forth of field agents.
    Implementing ‘Check Stock’ quick action for field technicians to check the stock and its details upfront.
    Bridging Sales and
    Field Service
    Automating work order and related Work Object creation whenever an opportunity is closed.

    Industries We Serve

    Financial Services
    Healthcare and Life Sciences
    Retail and Consumer Goods

    Benefits of FS Booster

    Optimized Scheduling

    Assigning appointments and resources according to the availability of the resource.

    Reduced Unsuccessful Visits

    Preventing appointment booking on holidays by assigning work orders only to the technicians available.

    Engaged Sales and Field Service

    Including product details and location in a work order and managing the work order lifecycle through opportunity status updates.

    Managed Work Order Inventory

    Checking the inventory or stock at ‘Work Order’ level for a particular location.

    Utilities of FS Booster

    Grazitti aces have created five utilities that help Administrators, Field Service Agents, Dispatchers, and
    Field Executives reap the utmost benefits of Salesforce FS.
    Territory Holiday
    Service Crew Skill
    Show Product on
    Work Order
    Show Work Order on
    Opportunity to Work
    Order Creation

    Product Features

    Providing Location and
    Inventory Management
    Empowering Crew By Enabling
    Bridging Sales and
    Field Service
    Avoiding Misleading
    Appointment Booking

    Want to Unlock the Full Potential of the
    Field Service Booster?

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