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Communities Solutions

At Grazitti Interactive, we believe in the power of communities to transform businesses. Besides expertise with community platforms ,
we know online communities to help you raise community ROI, engage users more and deliver seamless user experiences. We partner with you to –

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Select the Right Platform
We deliver in-depth research & insights on –
  • Apt platform as per your business needs
  • Resources required, costs involved
  • Feature set provided OOB & customizations possible

Develop a Community Strategy
Being an active partner to develop your community strategy for successful launch, adoption, engagement & growth. We look at –
  • Identifying & nailing down business objectives
  • Looking at user experiences
  • Advising on Content Strategy

Jive CRM Connector
Jive CRM Connector
Setup, Develop & Deploy
Once the platform is zeroed down on, we dive into designing, developing, testing and deploying your community on the selected platform in a phased manner. We ensure project is delivered in-budget, on-time, & of highest quality via –
  • Daily standups
  • Regular Calls
  • Rigorous Testing
Migrate the Community
We help you make the transition from Platform A to Platform B –
  • Quickly
  • Smoothly
  • Without data-loss
  • Seamless user experience

Jive CRM Connector
Jive CRM Connector
Manage the Community
To make sure your community is up & running all the time with least number of technical glitches, and is up-to-date with all the releases and is bug-free, we –
  • Identify features to be added
  • Offer community housekeeping services
  • Track outreach
  • Build custom dashboards
Design a Knowledgebase
We build your public or gated knowledgebase using Sites, VisualForce and build on top of Salesforce Knowledge. Depending on your existing collaboration solutions, customer support setups & business objectives, we then
  • Integrate it with existing systems
  • Launch as standalone systems

Jive CRM Connector
Jive CRM Connector
Engage a Community
Getting your members to participate in the community is an endeavor propped up by tech smarts, gamification, contests and smart content creation & promotion. We help you with –
  • Identifying the areas to improve, remove and keep
  • Implementing & optimizing leaderboards, badges, exclusive content & more
  • Implementing gamification solutions like Bunchball, Badgeville, Gigya
Integrate Existing Solutions with Community
Enabling the community owners, managers & moderators to work better & faster with the community while ensuring existing solutions are not relegated to gather dust (& result in lower ROI); we –
  • Build custom integrations
  • Optimize OOB connectors
  • Build bespoke tools

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