Can I access MadCap Flare online?

MadCap Flare is a desktop application that you have to install on your system. Currently, Flare is not offered in the form of an online application.

Is there a free version available of MadCap Flare?

MadCap Flare is not a free software. You have to buy a license to use this software. But you can avail a 30 days free trial version. The trial version offers all the features, however, the final output content is scrambled.

What happens to my data when I buy the licensed version after taking the free trial?

Since your data is stored in your computer, upgrading to a licensed version would not affect it. This affects only your build content.

Can I use Git with MadCap Flare?

Yes, MadCap Flare supports a number of source controls like Git, SVN etc. Flare also has its own source control called MadCap Central.

Does Flare allow adding any custom plugin or feature in the project?

Yes, you can add any feature or plugin through JS and CSS.

Can I change trial version to full version?

Yes, you can change your trial version to licensed by buying the software.

Can Grazitti help me in achieving some customizations within my Flare project according to my business requirements?

Grazitti always delivers solutions to help its customers achieve their business goals. We have provided multiple custom solutions for Flare projects to our customers.

Can tech writers work on customized templates on MadCap Flare?

Our MadCap team, during template customization, ensures that the technical writer does not have to work on HTML and is rather able to work on XML editor without any hurdles.

Do you help in publishing the content over community platforms?

Yes, we help our customers across all community platforms like Salesforce, Lithium, Zendesk etc.

Will I have to provide content on my own or will you draft it for me?

You can provide us with your own content that we’ll publish across multiple channels. Alternatively, we can also help you with content creation with the help of our in-house content team.

Will I have to provide you with a content template?

Grazitti has developed its own templates. You can download these templates and check if they suit your requirement. We can also customize a template for you.

Has Grazitti worked on design templates?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of designers, who work on website, community, marketing, or print design.

Does Grazitti have experience with the MadCap Flare?

Yes, Grazitti has its own experienced and certified MadCap Flare team.

Has Grazitti worked for a MadCap clientele?

Yes, Grazitti has a list of clientele on MadCap. We have provided MadCap solutions to many of our customers. You can check the whole list here.

Do you offer support to your customers?

We offer support to our customers from the start till the release of the project in MadCap Flare.

Do you provide any guidelines over project delivery?

We will provide a complete help document to use template elements along with detailed steps.

Do you include support in the project plan?

During project planning, we always add a phase of support. So that the project release does not suffer due to lack of support.

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