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Everything you need to know about Community (re)focus event 2021(efocus 2021 event.
Is there any cost associated with watching this event?
No, there is no cost associated with watching this event.
Will the keynote be available after the livestream?
Yes, the content will be available on-demand on the same page. All you have to do is register to watch it.
Can I invite someone else from my team?
Sure, if you feel like other members in your organization will benefit from this session, feel free to send this page to them.
Can I be a sponsor for this event?
Yes, you can! Just register your organization and we will get back to you.
Is this sponsorship paid?
Yes, it is paid.
Will this be a paid booth?
If you are our paid sponsor, then no. We will be happy to see your booth at our event.
Will I get traffic at my booth?
From our last event experience, yes there was fairly good traffic at different booths.
How can I get a booth at the event?
You need to register yourself and we will send you the booth details.