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    Managing ideas on Salesforce-powered communities has become easier than ever before with IdeasPro. A Salesforce-native app packed with 20+ out-of-the-box functionalities enables customers and employees to post, share, and vote for ideas in their community. With the latest update, IdeasPro now enables idea owners to pin comments, archive ideas, and add attachments. And all of it is now packed in a free trial version.

    What it Brings to You:

    • Better Ideas Management
    • Improved Brand Transparency
    • Customer-Centric Innovation
    • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
    • Improved Brand Loyalty
    • Lightning Readiness
    • Free Installation

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    Features of the Trial Version

    Post Ideas

    Share your ideas on your Salesforce-powered community.

    Add Ideas Attachment

    Add multiple attachments to an idea with an extended size limit.

    Ideas Listing

    List up to 10 ideas and see your community engagement growing.