Developed by Grazitti, Maginate serves as a connector between Magento and Marketo, facilitating seamless integration for businesses. It ensures real-time synchronization of customer data from Magento to Marketo, either by creating new leads or associating them with existing ones.

This capability enables the creation of personalized customer journeys, fostering holistic customer experiences. Maginate effectively addresses data silos between Magento and Marketo, empowering businesses to market their products and services more efficiently and maximize ROI.

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Effortless Data

Effortless Data

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Nurture Campaigns

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Maginate – A Magento Marketo Integration Connector helps e-tailers deliver seamless user experience and increase sales. The connector helps you sync your customer data and purchase details in Marketo to set up automated emails. Our connector is one of the solutions created for aligning your Marketing and Sales operations.


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