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What is CMaaS?
Community Management as a Service is a comprehensive community service including but not limited to Design, Development, Moderation, Migrations and Strategy.
Why should I choose CMaaS?
We have CMaaS packages to cover all sizes of community. Whether you are just starting out and need help getting rolling to a fully beloved community and need an experienced team to back you up.
How do I install CMaaS?
There is no need to install CMaaS this is a full service team with option on time zone availability and both on-shore and offshore resources.
How do I get professional help If I face a problem with CMaaS at a later stage?
The CMaaS will be there with you at all stages of your community. We can help sustain your community and its growth of time with Migration and redesigns to strategies sessions with some of the top experts in the field.
How long does it take to set up CMaaS?
CMaaS team can be set up and running as soon as you need it. We have a full staff of experienced community experts to service your community.
Do you perform customizations if required?
Yes! This is one of our specialties. We have a full development team with experience in all the major community platforms. Long with years of experience customizing communities you are in great hands.
I’m a current Grazitti customer. Who should I contact for account questions and support?
You can always reach out to our product team at [email protected]. The experts will come back with a solution within 24 hours.