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Make your communities more cutting-edge and dynamic with these community super tools.

Khoros-Salesforce Case Connector

A reliable, scalable, and secure way to bring Salesforce’s case management capabilities to your Khoros-powered community to maximize support productivity and reduce support costs.

Salesforce-Khoros Knowledge Base Connector

Integrating Salesforce Knowledge and Khoros-powered community allows real-time syncing of knowledge articles on your community, ensuring a cutting-edge community.

Higher Logic-Salesforce Case Connector

Grazitti’s Higher Logic-Salesforce Case Connector is built to enable collaboration between Higher Logic Online Communities and Salesforce Service Cloud. The connector creates a channel between the two platforms which allows a bi-directional flow of information.


ScoreNotch is a Salesforce-native and lightning-ready product that enables you to drive dynamic gamification and expand community engagement with customizable, drag-and-drop actions. It is compliant with standard and custom Salesforce Objects.


Salesforce-native and Lightning-ready, IdeasPro enables you to build personalized, scalable, and gamified idea management in Community Cloud. With more than 15 out-of-the-box features, it helps you prioritize, discuss, and accept ideas that add value to your business.

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