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    Key Benefits


    Customized Form

    Integration available for both Marketo and AEM Adaptive forms (Customized)

    Accelerated Website Conversions

    Improved lead conversions with progressive profiling

    Improved User

    Prefilled forms for repeat visitors on AEM website

    Key Functionalities of AEM Marketo Connector


    Data-Sync with Marketo

    Never miss out on your prospects information filled in embedded forms. Sync it with Marketo instance and extract the data when required to gain rich insights into the customer’s journey and interests.

    Form Prefilling

    Once you capture details about your prospects with forms, deliver an improved user experience during their subsequent interactions with your brand using prefilled forms on your website.

    Progressive Profiling

    Leverage Marketo forms to capture more information and gain lead intelligence from new touchpoints of your prospects and give a personalized user experience throughout their digital journey.

    AEM Integration Services

    A team of experts at Grazitti provides 24/7 technical support and customer service to facilitate Adobe Experience Manager integrations with third-party tools and native Adobe products to yield the best results.

    How it Works?


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