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    Data Enrichment & Cleansing

    Making consistent & complete marketing data repository and amending/removing incomplete or incorrect data in a database that enables you to reach prospects along with saving database admins time and cost. This ensures data quality and helps you reach the right customers

    Data Verification and Validation

    We apply email deliverability testing through semi-automated tools to identify whether or not an email address is valid and deliverable. Verifying data to ensure it is correct and consistent for compliance with your existing formats. Valid data ensures quality of the list so you are never blocked again

    Customised B2B List Building

    Collecting standard contact information for persons and companies using tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, ZoomInfo, Hoovers, Manta, EmailTester, Email Verifier, Lead411 and others. Our lists are valid and up-to-date due to the rigorous validation procedures we have set up


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