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    Duplicate Management

    With De-dupe Solution in Marketo, we have helped marketers keep their lead database clean. Our real-time solution prevents creation of duplicate records and clean-up existing duplicates in your instance

    Form Management

    Are you still struggling with many similar forms in your Marketo instance? Our experts can help you clean-up redundant assets in your instance and make your forms more beautiful, functional and user friendly

    Sales Alignment Programs

    By replacing Sales funnel with Revenue cycle, our Marketo consultants help you build systematic processes and workflows to support marketing and sales teams.

    Marketing Attribution Model

    Leverage our custom Marketo plugins to drive personalized experience on your website in a Get the clear picture of performance of your marketing campaigns in generating MQLs and driving opportunities. We help you build reports to identify which lead sources, channels, campaigns, and content pieces are driving revenue

    Account-based Lead Routing

    With our custom lead routing solutions, we help you optimize your account based marketing and sales performance. Our solution automatically identifies existing account/lead for a new lead and assigns it to the right owner in the CRM

    Multi-dimensional Lead Scoring

    Scoring has moved beyond demographic and web behavior scoring. Our team can help you implement advanced sales-acceptable lead scoring models including Marketo Sales Insight, Product Scoring, and Account Scoring.

    Lead Quality Management

    Lead data drives your marketing! We work with you in setting up processes to enrich incoming leads from different channels, filter out bad records, set-up lead quality metrics, and workflows to maintain good data

    Marketo Lead Management (MLM)

    We help to optimize your current process for lead acquisition, assignment and conversion by leveraging best practices. We help you deploy the solutions that automate marketing workflows and make your team more effective

    Audit & Optimization

    Let our experts review your marketing and CRM processes with a fine-toothed comb. The audit report would cover all the details to help you define a clear path for Marketo adoption and optimization


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