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    For a Simple and Coherent Product and Design Experience,
    Here’s What Team Grazitti Can Do for You:

    User Experience Design

    Have a complex product but need an intuitive & empathetic UX design? We enhance user experiences and engagement levels on different platforms by keeping up with established design guidelines, standards, and workflows.

    Video Production & eLearning

    Our ideas and work skeletons are purposely built to help businesses thrive in this growingly complex landscape. Showcase your brand value through video production, storytelling, eLearning courses (users manuals, instruction guides, learning management systems, and more) and strategic marketing for increased brand awareness and enhanced engagement.

    MadCap Flare Production

    We follow a meticulous approach to create a unified user experience and provide you with services like authoring and publishing leveraging MadCap Flare, including user manuals, documentation, instruction guides, interactive e-learning content creation, and more.

    Product Design

    We make it easy for customers to love your brand. By blending user needs with your business goals, we help you connect with your audience in an engaging and exciting way.

    Designing For Your Audience

    Requirement Gathering

    We never jump into designing too soon, no matter how tight our product cycles are. We devote effort to understanding your requirements and comprehending what we’re about to design.

    Market Research

    We undertake market research to understand your need for services, alternatives, and industry trends to make your brand stand out.


    We then create a sitemap of your products and process, with all the possible work elements.

    Wireframe & Prototype

    Based on the sitemap, we create a high-fidelity wireframe (a visual representation of a website/product’s overall structure and functions) and prototype (a working mockup of the product or website that can be used for user testing).

    Design Phase

    Once the prototype is fully tested, we move on to the design phase. The design phase involves you, the user, and other stakeholders in a team-based collaborative process. During this phase, we design something entirely new – a beautiful and functional product.

    Walkthrough Demo

    After your website or product is created, we host a walkthrough demo with you to demonstrate the functionalities and aesthetic design, including animations.

    Development Phase

    We then move to the development phase – from wireframe to live website or product. You get the site or product exactly how you want it, on time, and within budget.

    Closure document

    We then draft a closure document that clearly outlines all the design activities, the design’s objectives, and the work to be done by you.

    Some of Our Work

    Advanced, custom Salesforce Community & custom Salesforce development solutions delivered within challenging timeframes
    Enhanced brand visibility & user experience with a beautiful & responsive WordPress powered website
    Enhanced brand visibility & user experience with a beautiful, responsive & custom WordPress powered website
    Advanced Salesforce development for reduced support costs & custom Lithium community for an enhanced user experience

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