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    Services We Offer

    Brand Compliance

    Creating customized and tailored front-end designs that easily blend in with existing systems and branding guidelines

    Case Deflection

    Minimizing the number of cases to achieve a higher return on investment and provide better customer support

    Custom Gamification

    Employing gamification strategies via points, badges, rewards, etc. to improve user engagement and advocacy

    Responsive Design

    Building powerful, responsive communities that work across devices – mobile,
    tablet, and desktop

    Custom Integrations

    Building bi-directional and seamless integrations with third-party platforms like Apache Solr, Service Cloud, Zendesk, Jira and more

    Federated Search

    Implementing suggestive search on a case/ticket/issue creation pages with data from different data sources including Service Cloud, Confluence, and more

    Case Escalation

    Rerouting unresolved cases automatically and helping users track progress towards a

    Knowledge Base

    Building a powerful and credible knowledge base that is pre-requisite for any community for accurate information

    Community Platforms

    Online Communities Brochure

    Build engaging external and internal communities with our Online Community Services

    Online communities Datasheet

    Our Connectors

    Khoros Salesforce
    Case Connector

    Salesforce Knowledge
    Khoros Connector

    Higher Logic Salesforce
    Case Connector

    Why Customer Community?

    Your customers need a seamless customer experience on every touchpoint, out-of-the-box thinking, and relevant material to keep engagement rates high. This is where a customer community comes in.

    It’s a platform that can help you better engage with your customers, improve retention rates, increase engagement, incorporate feedback, and help your customers see results with your product or service.

    We establish community success through sheer professionalism. Click here to know more about our successful approach to online communities.

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