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    Key Features

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    One/Two Column Layout Landing Page and Email Template

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    Webinar Template with Speaker Section

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    Email Template with Three Sections—One, Two, and Three Column

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    Landing Page with Three Sections—Excluding Header and Footer

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    Customized Email Templates with Branding

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    Master Email and Landing Page—with reordering feature—Templates

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    Google Captcha and Mathematical Captcha in Marketo Forms

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    Email Preference Center

    Velocity Scripting

    Velocity Scripting in Marketo Emails



    Our Customer Stories

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    With Grazitti's help, we were able to build best-in-class Marketo email templates as well as unique scripts that provided a huge cost saving with platform integrations. Their proactive and 'customer-first' mindset is what impressed me the most. I would definitely recommend Grazitti to anyone looking for Marketo services.

    René Kamine, Senior CRM Marketing Manager,

    Key Services We Offer

    Velocity Scripting

    Velocity Scripting

    Craft dynamic content by weaving personalization tokens HTML emails for better lead nurturing.

    form Creation

    Form Creation

    Create engaging forms using easy-to-use templates to save operational costs and increase productivity.

    landing Page Creation

    Landing Page Creation

    Leverage the power of landing page templates so you can only focus on generating high-quality leads and drive conversions.

    Form and Landing Page Implementation

    Form & Landing Page Implementation

    Implement landing pages and forms that convert, drive sales, and engage your audience.

    form Embedment

    Form Embedment

    Simply design the form you like and embed its HTML code directly into your website for hassle-free form creation.

    HTML Refinement

    HTML Refinement

    Get your HTML code reviewed so that it is supported by different web browsers in an efficient manner for the best user experience.

    email template creation

    Email Template Creation

    Create easy-to-use email templates to send effective and personalized emails to your audience and save time.