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    Navigation & Mapping

    Setting up a scalable, flexible & organized navigational structure and sitemap for a managed knowledge base

    Article Management

    Dividing the content into proper, custom categories to classify the content types, groups and subgroups such as troubleshooting content, help articles, FAQs, etc.

    Knowledge Base Skinning

    Providing a clean, striking look & feel for your help portal that is aligned with the branding guidelines of your company and is integrated with your existing systems and website/community


    Strengthening the knowledge base with Full text/Federated search, auto-suggest modules, filters, multilingual capabilities, tags – exact & synonym based, and more

    QuickStart Communities

    Building easily deployable and tailor-made communities, which are responsive, engaging, brand cognizant and have in-built capabilities for a knowledge base

    Custom Development

    Implementing custom widgets, responsive interface, and additional functionalities to fit unique business requirements