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    MS Dynamics Solutions

    Leverage customer, sales, and marketing data to understand your customers’ needs, facilitate better collaboration among teams, and engage more proactively to win more deals.
    Customer Service
    Build exceptional customer connections and deliver positive user experiences with the help of an intelligent, custom-built contact center solution.
    Meet the ever-changing customers’ buying demands by connecting your physical and online stores with a Dynamic 365 commerce solution.
    Project Service Automation
    Empower your teams to win more deals, accelerate project delivery, optimize resource utilization, and maximize profitability by leveraging a project service automation solution.
    Get a single view of customers by unifying data across a full range of sources to deliver more relevant customer engagements and build deeper customer connections.
    Finance and Operations
    Assess the health of your business, and improve your business’s financial decision-making to drive agility and growth by leveraging a bespoke finance and operations solution.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Services We Offer

    Dynamics 365 Consulting

    Dynamics 365 Consulting

    From choosing the right license to tailor-made implementations and continuous support, get expert consultation and boost business productivity. Additionally, foster business growth & stability, and make informed business decisions that drive revenue, optimizing operations for long-term success.

    Dynamics 365 Implementation

    Dynamics 365 Implementation

    Transform operational efficiency with a robust implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Innovate with confidence, effortlessly scale your operations, and empower your workforce for seamless and optimized business workflows. With our expert guidance, navigate challenges with ease, ensuring improved collaboration & data-driven decision-making.

    Dynamics 365 Integration

    Dynamics 365 Integration

    Expand your business capabilities effortlessly by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your existing software ecosystem. Additionally, streamline operations, enhance sales, and improve overall efficiency. Our MS Dynamics 365 integration services enable your business to respond effectively to market dynamics and customer needs.

    Dynamics 365 Upgrade

    Dynamics 365 Upgrade

    Elevate your business operations by strategically upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Through our in-depth analysis, ensure that your existing setup is not just improved but transformed, providing new avenues for conducting business, enhanced functionalities, and seamless integration with the latest advancements. Initiate your setup and experience a revolution in efficiency and innovation.

    Dynamics 365 Migration

    Dynamics 365 Migration

    Experience a hassle-free transition to Microsoft Dynamics 365, unlocking new capabilities and reducing operational costs. Our experts prioritize business security and efficiency, customizing implementations, safeguarding data integrity, and minimizing disruption. With comprehensive training and ongoing support, empower your business to adapt seamlessly to market changes and drive maximum benefits from the Dynamics 365 platform.

    Dynamics 365 customization-card

    Dynamics 365 Customization

    Tailor Microsoft Dynamics 365 to match your unique business needs. Leverage customized solutions to add exceptional value to your operations, providing a seamless blend of technology and business expertise for optimal performance and efficiency. With our tailored approach, align workflows precisely with your business processes and industry-specific requirements.

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    Grazitti’s Expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partners

    5+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

    5+ Microsoft Dynamics 365 Experts

    Serving Customers Since 2008

    Serving Customers Since 2008

    Security Compliance

    Security Compliance (HIPAA, ISO 27001, SSAE 18, ISO 27701:2019)

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Services


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    Understand how our MS Dynamics 365 experts enable automated workflows, cross-platform application development, enhanced collaboration, and more, in this exclusive video.

    FAQs on MS Dynamics 365 Services

    Why should I upgrade my existing platform to MS Dynamics 365?
    There are many reasons to upgrade your existing platform to MS Dynamics 365. Some of them include -
    • Seamless cloud experience.
    • No expensive customization or hardware needs.
    • The ability to customize your system further using the extensions and applications available.
    • Improved cross-department functionality.
    • Built-in analytics and reporting features for enhanced decision making.
    • Can be integrated with a complete suite of products: Power BI, Cortana, Office 365, Outlook, more.
    What are the intelligence tools Dynamics 365 comes with?
    Microsoft has integrated two very powerful tools into Dynamics 365 - Power BI and Cortana Intelligence for analytical insights and prescriptive guidance. These tools will help determine the best course of action per your specific business needs.
    What is the average implementation time of Dynamics 365?
    The implementation time usually depends on a range of factors. The following factors influence the amount of time required to implement Dynamics 365 -
    • Number of modules or features
    • Size of your business
    • Number of users
    • Knowledge and availability of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

    For a small organization, implementing only the finance modules can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

    For a medium-sized company, the implementation can take anywhere from 6 to 9 months, if your project includes core financials, sales, purchasing, and inventory control.

    And for a project that’s large and includes core financials, sales, purchasing, inventory control, and manufacturing, the implementation can take anywhere between 9 to 12 months.

    What impact does Dynamics 365 have on ROI?

    Thanks to Dynamics 365 flexible licensing, businesses only pay for access to the capabilities they need in spite of the application it resides in. This helps improve the overall ROI of the company.

    This feature is unique since most software vendors require customers to purchase licenses for different modules and applications which often leads to a 2-3x increase in the cost. Moreover, Dynamics 365 Enterprise licensing comes with built-in analytics with Power BI, and also offers complete usage rights to Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to build new apps and easily integrate, modify, and extend with existing ones.

    Will Dynamics 365 be available on-premises?
    Yes! Dynamics 365 is a cloud service and Microsoft licensing allows for on-premise or private cloud deployments. You can deploy Dynamics 365 Finance + Operations on-premises. But remember, When you opt for an on-premises deployment type, the system requirements, functionality, and hardware sizing differ from a cloud deployment.
    Can I integrate MS Dynamics 365 with a Marketing Automation tool?
    Yes, you can. There are many third-party integration solutions available that you can integrate with your MS Dynamics 365 such as Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Act-On, ClickDimensions, Marketo, Silverpop, and Constant Contact.

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