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    Machine Learning and AI Solutions

    Deal Scoring

    Evaluate the quality of your deals, ascertain which deals have a lesser chance of closing, and focus on closing the highest value deals

    Churn Analytics

    Minimize customer churn through an intelligent segmentation of your customer base that is essential to business sustainability

    Risk Modeling

    Forecast possible future financial scenarios and reduce risk with financial analytics solutions that provide businesses with deeper insights to shape future goals

    No-show Analysis

    Unveil and analyze the causes that influence no-show behavior to reduce substantial reimbursement losses, underutilized staff or resources, and delayed patient care

    Revenue Prediction

    Accurately predict the revenue for the upcoming year, the expected cash flow, and the growth that your business may experience to enable better revenue management

    Inventory and Staff Prediction

    Optimize your resource management based on accurate fact-based predictions to cut loss, reduce revenue leaks, and optimize operations

    Conversational AI

    Improve and automate customer service by building powerful chatbots to improve agents’ productivity, reduce costs, and increase CSAT

    Optimized Cross-sell and Upsell

    Ensure product recommendations reach the right customer through the right channel at the right time to enhance customer experience

    Text Analytics

    Derive high-quality information by transforming unstructured text data into meaningful data for analysis to measure customer opinions, feedback, and product reviews

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