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    Key Services We Offer

    SharePoint Consulting

    Conduct a thorough assessment of your existing architecture and systematically plan for SharePoint implementation by establishing the software and hardware requirements.

    Development on Power Platform

    Build custom end-to-end solutions, apps, and individual features like workflows, site templates, and field types using the Power Platform for flexible and efficient business solutions.

    Configuration Services

    Connect your existing systems, including content management, business intelligence, knowledge management, and social computing with SharePoint instance to facilitate seamless operations.

    SharePoint Migration and Integration

    Migrate your current platform to SharePoint, existing SharePoint sites and libraries between servers, and integrate SharePoint website with a range of applications to extend business functionalities.

    Mobile Device Support

    Enable responsive designs with mobile view customization and Android/iOS support in the SharePoint application to offer intuitive user experiences on mobile.

    Admin and Training Support

    Get complete support for installation, configuration, deployment, and optimization along with need-based admin training to ensure effective performance.

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    FAQs on SharePoint Services

    Which is better for SharePoint – Office 365 or on-premise?

    Both Office 365 and on-premise have their own advantages, and their suitability for your business depends on your individual needs.

    Office 365 is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) where you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee to use the software. Hence, you no longer have to invest in IT hardware and software with a continuous release cycle. You also get access to automatic upgrades and backup, offline sync for your documents with OneDrive, and instant mobilization of your workforce with Microsoft Teams.

    On-premise, on the other hand, is licensed software that is installed on and operated from an organization’s in-house server. With on-premise, you get to own your own software but it requires a heavy investment up-front. However, the good part is that you don’t have to pay any subscription fee thereafter.

    Do I need a SharePoint developer to implement SharePoint?
    Implementing SharePoint requires a good level of technical understanding of the platform. Without this knowledge, embarking on a SharePoint project could result in failure, rework, and inability to utilize the platform’s maximum potential. Hence, it is always recommended to partner with an experienced SharePoint service provider to ensure your project’s success.
    How much does SharePoint deployment costs?
    Every SharePoint project has different requirements, and therefore, its cost varies accordingly. To get a quote for your specific project, you can get in touch with our SharePoint experts and we’ll help you pick the best plan for your business.
    Do I need an app to access SharePoint?
    SharePoint is a web-based platform and can be accessed through any device or browser. However, to enjoy a better user experience, you can install the SharePoint app on your mobile device.
    Why Should I integrate Power Apps into SharePoint?
    Power Apps lets you build business applications that run on multiple platforms and require no coding experience. By integrating Power Apps with SharePoint, you can add these applications to your SharePoint page with the Power Apps web part. This enables you to introduce and perform many advanced functions within your SharePoint environment to enhance business capabilities.
    What are the common SharePoint security mistakes I need to avoid?

    While SharePoint is quite a secure platform, these common security mistakes can make it vulnerable to threats and attacks -

    • Having broad access rights
    • Using weak or default passwords
    • Ignoring patch management
    • Using traditional or outdated security tools
    To ensure the security of your SharePoint environment, you must follow all the required security measures and use advanced tools to proactively identify, assess, and prevent any security breach and threat.
    How do I drive end-user adoption on my SharePoint Intranet?
    The key to driving end-user adoption is to keep your users engaged with your platform. You can do this by customizing your campaigns as per the user type and interests, introducing incentive programs and competition, and keeping the platform simple and easy to use. Another important thing to keep in mind is to be active with your change management to evolve with changing preferences of users.

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