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      SharePoint Copilot: Enhanced Collaboration and Communication Powered by AI

      Sep 28, 2023

      5 minute read

      So far, more than 250,000[i] businesses, including 85% of Fortune 500[ii] companies are leveraging SharePoint as a document management and storage system.

      Along with this capability, SharePoint enables businesses with simple sharing, seamless collaboration, and improved engagement through the intranet. It also empowers businesses to harness collective knowledge and accelerate productivity by transforming processes.

      However, with the synergy of AI in SharePoint, it is redefining the process of content creation, developing more compelling and engaging SharePoint pages and websites. Now, AI is being used in SharePoint to automate mundane tasks, improve the accuracy and relevance of search results, and personalize content for individuals and users.

      Not just this, with the SharePoint AI innovation, businesses can gain deeper engagement, enable simpler authoring, and leverage this flexible platform, smoothly integrating with custom apps and functioning specific workflows.

      So how can you use SharePoint AI for your business?

      Let’s explore this blog post that deep dives into everything new about SharePoint AI and how this innovation can benefit your business.

      The Future of SharePoint: AI-Infused Capabilities

      1. Copilot in SharePoint

      SharePoint Copilot utilizes Large Language Models (LLMs) and Microsoft Graph data, turning your descriptions into SharePoint sites and pages. Copilot creates and refines content that aligns with your business’s vision and reduces setup time. With a brief prompt in Copilot, you can generate starter sites, incorporating relevant data and branding.

      It also enables you to collaborate and fine-tune site configuration, such as navigation and aesthetics. Additionally, Copilot transforms existing content into visually appealing SharePoint pages, using new web design elements. It can also aid in rewriting text to enhance engagement.

      2. AI Builder in SharePoint With Microsoft Syntex

      Microsoft Syntex is a service in SharePoint that enables you to create AI Builder models within your SharePoint environment. AI Builder is a part of the Microsoft Power Platform that can be used to create and deploy custom AI models without the need for extensive coding knowledge. Microsoft Syntex enhances SharePoint’s capabilities by integrating AI-driven models for document processing.

      You can apply these two types of AI Builder models within your SharePoint library, using Microsoft Syntex:

      • Freeform Document Processing: This type of AI Builder model is designed for processing unstructured or freeform documents. It can be used to extract information and insights from documents such as contracts, letters, statements of work, and more.
      • Structured Document Processing: This AI Builder model is tailored for structured documents, such as invoices, purchase orders, tax documents, and other forms with consistent formats.

      Additionally, Microsoft SharePoint Syntex offers AI-driven capabilities including content understanding, automatic labeling for security, flexible content discovery, streamlined tagging for efficiency, optimized workflows, and simplified search and collaboration for enhanced productivity.

      3. SharePoint Power Automate

      SharePoint Power Automate is a cloud-based automation platform within Microsoft that enables task automation in SharePoint. With no-code/low-code capabilities, it can be leveraged by users with basic to expert technical knowledge. Using it, you can automate tasks, including email sharing, creating/updating records, copying/moving/deleting files, launching workflows, and more.

      Furthermore, it can enhance your efficiency by automating document approvals, creating task lists, sending reminders, automating data entry, and designing custom workflows. So leverage this valuable tool to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

      4. Microsoft Bot Framework in SharePoint AI

      The Microsoft Bot Framework empowers SharePoint with chatbots and interactive AI programs. These bots can deliver customer support, answer inquiries, and execute tasks. You can create a bot via this framework by:

      • Registering it on the Bot Framework Portal
      • Embedding it in a SharePoint web part

      Next, you can engage with this bot through chat windows on your SharePoint site. This provides 24/7 customer support, answers to queries, and facilitates task automation. This can also enable you to enhance efficiency, reduce support costs, and personalize interactions. Incorporating the Microsoft Bot Framework into SharePoint, you can elevate user engagement, streamline processes, and augment productivity through AI-powered interactions.

      Decoding the Benefits of Using SharePoint AI

      SharePoint Copilot: Enhanced Collaboration and Communication Powered by AI

      1. Increased Productivity: Sharepoint AI can enable you to automate tasks, refine search capabilities, and personalize engagement, contributing to heightened productivity. For instance, SharePoint AI can streamline document classification, freeing up employees for strategic tasks. Furthermore, its enhanced search accuracy can expedite your information retrieval, and personalized content can sustain engagement.

      2. Enhanced Decision-Making: SharePoint AI provides data-driven insights for informed decision-making. Using it, you can analyze sales records and uncover trends crucial for pricing strategies, marketing campaigns, and product development, all while fostering smarter choices.

      3. Reduced Costs: You can lower costs by automating processes and refining efficiency with SharePoint AI. Additionally, its invoice processing automation and improved data entry capabilities can diminish errors and save your time, consequently reducing expenses.

      4. Improved User Experience: Tailoring SharePoint to individual users via AI-driven content suggestions, personalized experiences, and recommendations can improve user engagement and enhance user experience.

      5. Strengthened Security: SharePoint AI bolsters security by proactively identifying and mitigating potential threats. Not just this, using it, you can scan documents for malicious content and monitor user behavior to safeguard against cyberattacks and create a secure business environment.

      To Conclude

      Other than the above-mentioned solutions, SharePoint introduces several AI innovations, including:

      • Content suggestions for easier content incorporation
      • SharePoint pages integrated into emails for broader outreach
      • Enhanced visuals through image and video editing

      Additionally, this synergy provides seamless collaboration with Microsoft Teams, improved engagement via integration with Microsoft Viva, and ongoing developer integration for customized solutions. Ultimately, all these breakthroughs will enrich your SharePoint capabilities and enhance user experience.

      FAQs on SharePoint Copilot

      Ques 1. What improvements does SharePoint Copilot bring to businesses and their digital workspace?
      Ans. SharePoint Copilot provides improvements like simplified authoring with AI-assisted natural language input and enhanced aesthetics for creating visually compelling content. It enables businesses to foster deeper engagement through integrations with email, Teams, and Microsoft Viva. Additionally, it acts as a flexible platform supported by ongoing investments in templates, the SharePoint Framework, and Microsoft Graph for customizable workflows.

      Ques 2. What happens to the data on using SharePoint Copilot?
      Ans: When using SharePoint Copilot, your data is utilized to generate content, enhance user experiences, and tailor interactions based on AI analysis. It remains within the Microsoft ecosystem, subject to Microsoft’s privacy and security policies, ensuring compliance and protection against unauthorized access.

      Ques 3. How does SharePoint Copilot integrate with Microsoft Teams?
      Ans: SharePoint Copilot seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, enabling real-time content collaboration and sharing within Teams. Businesses can foster this integration to enhance team productivity by accessing and editing SharePoint documents directly from Teams, fostering a unified collaboration environment.

      Ques 4. Can SharePoint Copilot help in customizing SharePoint sites?
      Ans: Yes, SharePoint Copilot aids in customizing SharePoint sites by using AI to suggest design and content enhancements based on the site’s purpose and audience. It leverages templates and the SharePoint Framework to create tailored site experiences.

      Ques 5. What are the content creation capabilities of SharePoint Copilot?
      Ans: SharePoint Copilot revolutionizes content creation by enabling users to generate compelling pages and posts using natural language commands. It also supports the inclusion of multimedia elements to create visually engaging content efficiently and creatively.

      Ready to Strengthen Your SharePoint Environment With AI Solutions? Let’s Talk!

      Team Grazitti is adept at creating high-performing and modern SharePoint websites and pages for leading businesses. To explore more about our suite of services, drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there.


      [i] & [ii] Petri

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