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      A Step-by-Step Guide to Create Meaningful Landing Page Images

      Apr 27, 2017

      3 minute read

      If a picture can paint a thousand words, then why not take advantage of it on your landing page? Your landing page is the lifeline of a good online conversion. Apart from creating an awesome headline and an eye-catching offer, you need a good landing page that can strike a balance between texts and images. With the human attention span dipping to as low as 8 seconds, you surely need images to complete your story in under 8 seconds.

      Even if you are a graphic designer looking for creative ideas, or marketers with no or very limited knowledge of graphic designing, this step by step guide can help you create meaningful landing page images.

      Landing Page

      Source Free Images

      The first step is to find some really good free images. You can also buy images if your budget allows. Choose from several online stock photo agencies. Once finalized, it’s time to optimize them for the web.

      Add Effects

      Once you’ve got the right images, you’ll probably want to edit them. There are many websites that allow you to make simple imaging edits. By changing focus and warmth of images, you can get wonderful effects and make a soothing background image.

      Image Size

      Landing pages can take forever to load if the image size is too big. Big images can greatly reduce the speed at which the page loads, and the slower it loads, higher the chance of prospects abandoning your page.

      For new images, always keep page performance in mind. It is recommended that you check the page loading performance for new images. For existing pages, use Google’s Free PageSpeed Insights Tool.

      Pro tip: Don’t use HTML to size your images since your browser will still load the larger pixel image even though you’ve “resized” it. Remember, most websites are usually 900-1200 pixels wide on the desktop.

      Size Your Image for Social Networks

      Social media is the place where Millennials hang out these days, so it is important to optimize images for social media networks. We’ve listed down the dimensions for different social media channels as each site has its own unique size:

      Facebook recommends images be larger than 600 x 315px

      Twitter recommends the images be at least 60 x 60px

      LinkedIn recommends images should be equal to or smaller than 180 x 110px

      You’ll have to create different copies depending upon which social media channel you choose to promote your landing page.

      Compress Images

      Once you’ve got the correct image size and stylized it, it’s time to compress it even further. This will help speed up your page’s load time even more. Try using tinypng. It gives reliable results and compresses both .jpg and .png files. Simply drop your file on the page and it will compress the images for you! Download the compressed images and you are good to go.

      Set Image ALT tags

      Last but not the least, don’t forget to set the ALT tags. The image ALT tags are important for people who cannot view your image. It provides descriptive text about your image and boosts your landing page’s SEO. They help search engines understand the content of your images by reading keywords.

      Pro tip: Don’t use irrelevant keywords in ALT tags. Ensure the description is in sync with the image. Also, try to keep ALT tags brief even though there is no word limit.

      Final Words

      With these steps in place, you are all set! You’ll have a well-designed and optimized landing page image to boost your conversion rates!

      Improve conversions with relevant and customer-centric landing pages

      At Grazitti Interactive, we have an experienced team of graphic designers who can help you design and create relevant, consistent, and customer-centric landing pages. Feel free to reach us at [email protected] to know more about our creative design and content services.

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