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      8 Sessions you can’t miss at Alteryx Inspire 2018

      Jun 01, 2018

      4 minute read

      Sessions you must attend at the Alteryx Inspire Conference:

      We can divide all the attendees into 3 major categories on the basis of their experience, analytics know-how, and job role. Here, in this blog we have carefully chosen a few sessions that you should not miss out on. Alteryx Inspire


      Alteryx BUILD — Innovation Demos (Community Track) – (5th June)


      Neil Ryan
      Sr. Program Manager, Community Content

      What is in it?

      Learn about some of the best projects of the Alteryx BUILD hackathon and other amazing developments from various members of the community.

      Why Should you Attend?

      You should attend if you want to:

      • Learn about the best projects from Alteryx BUILD hackathon
      • Know the latest and most innovative advancements from various community members


      New Predictive Kids on the Block: A (Step-by-Step) Guide to the Predictive Process (Tech Track) – (5th June)


      Dan Hilton
      Senior Product Manager,

      What is in it?

      Predictive analytics is a trending word these days, isn’t it? This session has the A-Z of predictive modeling and presents an opportunity to learn its standard techniques.

      Why Should you Attend?

      This session will walk you through best practices used in the modeling process in Alteryx Designer.

      Attend this session to learn:

      • The various types of models that can support your data
      • How to process the available data into these models
      • Which can be the most relevant model according to your needs
      • The implications of different analytics models

      Alteryx Tips & Tricks: Alter Your Flow (Community Track) – (5th June)


      Margarita Wilshire
      Sr. Supervisor, Customer Support Engineering

      Henriette Haigh
      Principal Support Engineer

      Jessica Silveri
      Customer Support Engineer

      What is in it?

      Tips and tricks are always exciting and guess what, this is Alteryx’s 8th edition! Leverage this session to learn the most sought-after short cuts and make your life with analytics easier.

      Why Should you Attend?

      • Get exposed to tried and tested short-cuts
      • Boost your success levels with tricks shared by experts
      • Maximize the value of your time
      • Show off all the tricks that you know


      In a Pinch, it’s a Cinch: Delivering on Timely Leads with Designer, Server, and Events (ACE Track) – (6th June)


      Michael Barone
      Data Scientist

      What is in it?

      This session teaches you how you can use your data to convert leads to customers to further sales opportunities with the help of Alteryx.

      Why Should you Attend?

      Prompt solutions are the need of the hour for every business. Attend this session to learn how Paychex turned to Alteryx to:

      • Find relevant sales opportunities
      • Leverage the dynamic input and run command tool
      • Set new plans to gain an edge over competitors


      Democratizing Machine Learning (IT & Business Track) – (5th June)


      Fabio Italiano
      VP Analytics and Information Management
      McGraw Hill Education

      What is in it?

      Learn how Alteryx is strengthening the role of analytics with unconventional modeling and empowering machine learning without coding  to help scientists make informed business decisions.

      Why Should you Attend?

      • Learn how to leverage Alteryx for machine learning and advanced analytics techniques without the use of coding
      • Know how the Udacity Business Analyst Nanodegree can help in building a community
      • See use cases of how an Alteryx user is taking analytics to the next level keeping ROI in mind

      Rev Your Engines: Alteryx Under the Hood (Tech Track) – (5th June)


      Jay Bourland
      Senior VP, Engineering

      Steve Ahlgren
      Principal Developer

      Adam Riley
      Principal Software Engineer, Core Engines

      What is in it?

      Make Alteryx even more fast! Hear from the engineering team of the self-service analytics platform on how you can scale with the Alteryx architecture.

      Why Should you Attend?

      • Find how to scale your performance with the existing Alteryx platform
      • Learn in detail about the improvement practices followed by Alteryx
      • Know how to leverage Alteryx to enable the best analytical processes

      Learning Three Kinds of Batch Macros in 1, 2, 3! (ACE Track) – (6th June)


      Jarrod Thuener
      Chief Analytics Officer
      MQ&C / Kristalytics

      What is in it?

      Heard about Batch Macros? This is the right session for you if Batch Macros is something you want to learn about. A few tips and tricks around it will definitely come in handy, so go for it!

      Why Should you Attend?

      Automation always helps save time and effort and here’s your chance of making your life with analytics easier.
      Learn about various Batch Macros including:

      • Opening a ton of files with varying schemas and convert them into the optimized yxdb format
      • Dynamically changing settings downstream based on criteria determined upstream
      • Opening and unioning files with similar schemas where the dynamic input won’t work

      Highway to Natural Language Processing – Alteryx, Spacy, and Tensorflow (Tech Track) – (6th June)


      JP Kabler
      Sr. Software Engineer

      What is in it?

      Learn the A-Z of natural language processing in this session, from the basic fundamentals to extensive learning based approaches. Also, know how Alteryx has used this technology to provide advanced services and scale analytics.

      Why Should you Attend?

      Learn how to extract hidden data with the help of NLP
      Know the advanced competences that NLP software combined with Alteryx can perform such as:

      • Entity Extraction
      • Speech Tagging
      • Language Detection
      • Sentiment Analysis
      • Topic Classification

      Hope this helps plan your event better!

      Meet Grazitti’s data scientists at our booth to know about our connectors, which will make data extraction a matter of a few clicks for you and also collect some cool swags.
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