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      Microsoft Dynamics 365

      Microsoft Dynamics 365: Deliver High-Quality Customer Service With AI-Powered Assistance

      Sep 28, 2023

      4 minute read

      With the constant innovations taking place in the realm of AI, its next-generation solutions are driving efficiency and boosting productivity for various lines of business like sales, marketing, customer service, and operations.

      In the customer service space, AI solutions are remarkably changing the way customers engage with a business, and how agents provide exceptional services to their customers.

      – Salesforce states that 23%[i] of customer service companies are leveraging AI to provide fast, accurate, and personalized services.

      One such AI-powered solution is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service which enables businesses to understand their customers better, personalize each experience, and optimize productivity, achieving customers for life.

      Dynamics 365 Copilot Customer Service keeps the agent experience at its heart. It aims to improve satisfaction in service delivery enabling support agents to take up customer requests from any channel. Additionally, it helps support teams to handle multiple service sessions simultaneously and enhance workflows with distinct productivity tools.

      Let’s deep dive into the concept of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot and take a closer look at its capabilities, and how it empowers support agents with generative AI.

      Dynamics 365 AI-Powered Capabilities to Deliver a Seamless Customer Service Experience

      Microsoft Dynamics 365: Deliver High-Quality Customer Service With AI-Powered Assistance

      You can leverage Dynamics 365 customer service from anywhere and on any device. This AI-powered solution provides various features like basic administration for customer service, service scheduling, case routing, unified routing, voice channels, etc. Let’s explore its capabilities to comprehend better:

      1. Makes Your Agents’ Work Effortless

      Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help your support agents with AI-powered assistance, collaboration, omnichannel support, and more. Using it, you can enhance your agents’ abilities by:

      • Optimizing their efficiency with generative AI to swiftly search trusted websites and internal documents and access pertinent and reliable information, including resolved issues and knowledge articles.
      • Enhancing their productivity through real-time insights, granting them visibility into ongoing conversations, and providing proactive recommendations to streamline their workflow.
      • Empowering them to swiftly track and resolve customer issues by offering a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer’s journey. This holistic perspective also enables them to address concerns effectively and provide superior support.
      • Enabling them to collaborate with the experts and quickly resolve complex support cases, using Microsoft Teams and intelligent case swarming.
      • Providing them with all-in-one multi-session desktops that cover customers’ profile history and engagement transcripts.

      2. Enables Intelligent Self-Service

      Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can enable you with intelligent self-service using chatbots, conversational IVR, community portals, knowledge management, etc. Leveraging it you can improve customer experience by:

      • Enabling AI-powered chatbots and leveraging generative AI to provide real-time, relevant responses, swiftly resolving customer issues.
      • Delivering a powerful conversational experience with IVR, where human-like interactions resolve customer issues by utilizing generative AI to connect trusted websites and internal documents.
      • Automating daily tasks and sophisticated transactions.
      • Providing customers with quick access to the information, content, and articles for resolving their queries.
      • Collaborating, sharing valuable tips, and gathering insights from fellow users and experts through personalized community portals.

      3. Optimizes Your Service Operations

      With Dynamics 365 Copilot, you can optimize service operations to improve customer satisfaction, increase efficiency, boost your team’s morale, etc. You can achieve this by:

      • Gaining precise insights into Customer Engagement Center performance to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and identify opportunities for improving customer satisfaction (CSAT).
      • Utilizing advanced analytics to detect emerging trends and identify improvement opportunities in support topics, agent-customer interactions, and knowledge management.
      • Streamlining operations by eliminating manual processes through the utilization of over 700 prebuilt flows. Additionally, enhancing your ecosystem by integrating custom data connectors, enabling seamless data transfer and improved workflow efficiency.
      • Tracking and measuring success using unified Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), while also analyzing agent actions through knowledge search insights.
      • Boosting efficiency and cutting costs by leveraging existing capabilities, and integrating with business apps — unified on a single platform.

      4. Meet Your Customers Anywhere

      With Dynamics 365 Customer Service, you can effectively address customer concerns across various locations and languages, ensuring exceptional support. You can achieve this through Copilot by:

      • Rapidly deploying communication systems on a scalable Microsoft platform – Azure Communication Services – empowering your agents to efficiently assist customers through various channels.
      • Providing faster service to customers on any channel including emails, text messages, virtual assistant, etc.
      • Communicating with the customers effectively in the language of their choice.
      • Routing the case to a suitable agent based on the customers’ emotions and requirements.

      5. Show Your Customers That You Care

      Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you improve your customer rapport and loyalty by personalizing interactions. You can attain this by:

      • Handling customer requests from various channels effortlessly, and simultaneously managing multiple sessions with ease.
      • Acquiring valuable insights into consumer interactions across their journey with your brand, enabling personalized offers and recommendations.
      • Providing personalized responses in context with real-time AI capabilities that monitor customer engagements, comprehend emotions, and address customer needs effectively.
      • Monitoring and analyzing customer behavior and data to pinpoint engagement opportunities, minimize cart abandonment, and boost revenue and customer satisfaction.

      Here’s How Dynamics 365 Customer Service Empowers Your Support Team With Generative AI

      Generative AI plays a central role in Dynamics 365 Customer Service by empowering your support agents with advanced capabilities. These include handling complex customer queries efficiently and providing tailored responses in real time.

      With the help of generative AI, Copilot analyzes your customer data, identifies patterns, and anticipates customer needs, suggesting appropriate solutions to you. Additionally, by utilizing internal knowledge and vast data from trusted sources, Copilot ensures your support team has access to the most relevant answers at their fingertips, streamlining customer interactions across various channels.

      The adoption of Dynamics 365 Customer Service might seem challenging. But when done with precision and planning, it enables your service team to improve their productivity, relevance and enhance customer experience.

      Ready to Exceed Your Customer Expectations With Dynamics 365 Customer Service? Let’s Talk!

      At Grazitti, our Microsoft service wizards possess the powers to AI-enable your business operations. Learn what more Dynamics 365 Copilot can do for your business success, here.


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