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      Khoros-Salesforce Case Connector

      Lithium Salesforce Case Connector – Enhancing Salesforce’s Case Management Capabilities

      Jul 06, 2016

      3 minute read

      Lithium is one of the most preferred customer community platforms that creates a trusted connection between customers and the brand, and Salesforce is a powerful service cloud. When Lithium is your community platform and Salesforce is your service cloud, it is important to seamlessly integrate both the systems for deeper customer insights.

      Integrating Salesforce with your Lithium community enables you to tackle cases quickly, saving the time and hassle of switching between the platforms. To make this process simpler, time and cost effective, Grazitti has built a Custom Lithium Salesforce Case Connector – an out-of-the-box solution that enables you to create, view, and escalate Salesforce cases directly from your Lithium community.

      What is Lithium Salesforce Case Connector?

      Lithium Salesforce Case Connector is an all-in-one package that enables Lithium users to log cases directly from their community without having to go to Salesforce. It helps users escalate discussions to cases, add comments to any case, and track all customer support interactions. It allows customer support teams to handle cases faster by integrating case information with existing knowledge bases or Salesforce Knowledge, a knowledge base designed to solve cases. Using this connector, you can quickly configure multiple customization options for your configuration page on the Lithium community.

      Lithium Salesforce Connector

      Features of Lithium Salesforce Case Connector

      Here’s what you can do with Grazitti’s Lithium Salesforce Case Connector:

      • Allow users to log cases directly from the Lithium community without having to go to Salesforce
      • Provide admins with permissions to escalate a discussion directly to a case
      • Enable users to easily submit, create or update cases with Salesforce support
      • Help multiple users log cases with just one Salesforce account
      • Empower admins to configure and update customized case create forms, views, editable Field Page, About Page, etc.
      • Enable users to view and manage all their cases from Lithium community
      • Offer users with useful search suggestions while filling out the Case Create form
      • Allow users to sort their cases priority wise
      • Provide admins with special functionality to add comments about cases

      Benefits of Lithium Salesforce Case Connector

      1. Enhances customer experience: Allowing customers to create and manage their Salesforce cases from Lithium community, offering the kind of modern customer experience that today’s customers expect.
      2. Eliminates the need of buying multiple software licenses: Empowering users to log multiple cases with just one Salesforce account, helping them minimize their licensing expenditures.
      3. Reduces the number of cases: Providing users with useful suggestions on similar cases while filling out the Case Create form, which results in reducing the number of duplicate cases.
      4. Provides seamless interaction between Salesforce and Lithium: Enabling admins to add comments to cases and view user information from Salesforce when in Lithium, maintaining a bi-directional data sync between both the platforms.

      Both case management and customer success go hand-in-hand. Grazitti’s Lithium Salesforce Case Connector enables you to provide your community users with the ability to escalate and manage Salesforce cases directly from their Lithium community, improving customer satisfaction and delivering the new levels of customer success.

      About Grazitti Lithium Community Services

      At Grazitti Interactive, our expert team of Lithium developers has delivered scalable, efficient, and engaging communities for Optimizely, Centrify, Alteryx, Open Table and more that are integrated seamlessly with their existing systems. We offer all Lithium community services – Strategy, Design, Setup, Integrations, Deployment, Data Migration, and Support.

      To learn more about our Lithium community services or talk to our Lithium experts, drop us a line at [email protected]

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