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      10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

      Oct 26, 2021

      4 minute read

      “Does my business need a mobile app?”

      This is a question that most businesses come across sooner or later in their journey.

      Given the fast pace of digitalization, you might already be dealing with this difficult decision.

      To help you in the process, we have created this blog post that discusses the need for mobile apps and how you can benefit from them.

      Ready? Let’s jump right in.

      Why Build a Mobile App for Your Business?

      Around 3.8 billion [i] people worldwide use smartphones now. As per reports, 90% [ii] of the time spent on them is on apps.

      The market for mobile apps is growing and getting bigger every day. Users are searching for apps even on search engines to get in touch with a business.

      According to Statista [iii], there were approximately 218 billion mobile apps downloads in 2020 alone.

      This clearly shows that mobile apps are increasingly becoming consumers’ favorite way to interact with businesses.

      Owing to their numerous benefits, businesses of all sizes are implementing them in their business strategy.

      And it’s time that you do it too. Here’s why.

      Top Benefits of Mobile Apps for Businesses

      benefits of mobile app

      1. Increase Your Visibility

      According to a survey [iv], most users spend around 5-6 hours daily on their smartphones. Though most of this time is spent on a select few apps, users still get a glimpse of your app while scrolling through their phones.

      This may seem insignificant but wait till you understand the science behind it.

      Our brain unconsciously records every text and image we go through in a day. Seeing your app on their phones every day, will help in enhancing your visibility and brand awareness effortlessly.

      2. Create a Direct and Personalized Channel

      While apps work as a direct communication channel between a business and its customers, their biggest advantage is personalized communication.

      Apps enable you to personalize information such as messages, recommendations, and offers according to the user. With features like geolocation and user profile, you can further customize your messaging for higher relevance. Push notifications are another great way to remind and persuade customers to check out your business.

      3. Offer Better User Experience

      User experiences are integral for the growth of your business. Every customization on your digital platform is more or less made to improve the user experience.

      A mobile app, with its engaging and user-friendly UI/UX, offers a seamless browsing experience that makes your users want to come back for more.

      4. Improve Customer Engagement

      Mobile apps are quite handy and accessible and make for an effective way to reach your customers. You can prompt both your current and potential customers to engage with your brand through your app.

      Apps also make it easy for customers to browse and shop in your store while enriching communication and building stronger connections.

      5. Capture Customer Insights

      A mobile app is an efficient way to collect and analyze customer data. It can help you gather insights on user behavior, time spent, areas most/least interacted with, customer feedback, and more.

      This data helps better understand your users and their preferences and interests. You can also leverage it to improve your customer service and focus on the right elements in your marketing to get the best possible results.

      6. New Window for Revenue

      Mobile apps are a personalized way of shopping for your customers. They make the purchasing process simple and intuitive which ultimately leads to a positive impact on your sales.

      An effective example of this is Domino’s Pizza app. When the company launched its mobile app for orders, it saw a 28% increase in its sales in the UK alone within the first six months. Today, the company gets 52% [v] of their total orders on its app.

      Depending on your business type, you can also monetize your app using in-app purchases, freemium, and paid apps to earn additional revenue. If your users enjoy your app, they will be more than willing to pay for it.

      7. Enhance Customer Service

      Mobile apps are one of the most effective channels for businesses to get in touch with your brand. They provide easy-to-access information that results in improved customer satisfaction.

      They build an instant feedback system that encourages customers to interact with you. A messaging feature can go a long way in building a communication loop between your customers, thus, making it an ideal customer service channel.

      8. Stand Out from the Competition

      As apps are growing fast, businesses are quickly adopting them to expand their digital presence. They not only help you increase your reach but also stay competitive in the market.

      You can tailor your app’s features and design to distinguish it from others. By creating a brand-specific environment, you can also strengthen your brand personality and stand out from the crowd.

      9. Cultivate Customer Loyalty

      A mobile app plays a subtle yet important role in building trust with your customers. It is easily accessible and effective in providing your users the information they want.

      By offering valuable experiences, you can build a sincere relationship that fosters brand loyalty. You can also start loyalty programs that provide an incentive to customers to stick to your brand.

      Starbucks is a good example of that. They have a Star point system that rewards a customer on visiting a nearby Starbucks outlet. This encourages the customer to visit the outlet again to earn more rewards.

      10. Leverage Technology Trends

      Technology is evolving at an incremental pace today. In order to stay relevant, it is important for your business to adopt newer technologies and offer better services. Building a mobile app is a step towards this transition.

      By integrating your app with IoT, you can embed your business services to devices air conditioning, smartwatch, refrigerator, etc., to provide effective experiences and build an advanced services ecosystem.

      Key Takeaways

      Mobile apps are now an essential weapon that every business needs in its arsenal to make itself future-ready. If you are wondering how to get started with your mobile app journey, consider taking consultation from an expert.

      Want to Learn More About Mobile Apps Development? Contact Us.

      Our mobile app experts can provide you with in-depth insights on mobile app development as per your business needs. To know more about our services, write to us at and we’ll take it from there.


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