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    Simplify Selenium Testing With Our Robust Selenium 2 Framework

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    Our expert team of QA has released the version 3 of the Selenium 2 (Webdriver) Framework.

    This framework will allow you an in-depth QA of your software with features like auto-search drop down, image comparison, file sorting and more. These features help make your QA process more accurate, easier, and faster. All you need to do is download the zip, install the framework, and get going with your testing.

    Framework Features:

    • Well defined architectural design
    • Script execution in multiple environments
    • Parameterizing of different input types
    • Auto-suggesting search dropdown
    • Image comparison
    • Auto-focusing on new tab
    • Checking and deleting cookies
    • Easier, faster and efficient analysis of result logs
    • Easy debugging and script maintenance
    • 100% reliability of utility scripts, online execution, and report packs


    • Faster Script Development
    • Reuse of Scripts
    • Well Organized Code
    • Test Data Management
    • Ease of Reporting & Logging
    • Ease of Maintenance

    Technical Specifications:

    • Architecture Design: Data Driven & Page Object Model
    • Language: Java
    • Log generation: Log4j
    • Reporting: ANT Generated Reports

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