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    Why Integrate WordPress and Marketo

    WordPress and Marketo have become two business-crucial platforms for many businesses, globally. The capabilities of these platforms are undeniable but going back and forth between them can be overwhelmingly unproductive. Integrating WordPress and Marketo enhances their potential, improves transparency, and helps automate business processes. The integration allows businesses to harness the power of Marketo’s lead data in WordPress to drive user engagement and boost conversion rates.

    What is WordPress-Marketo Connector?


    The WP-Marketo connector is a custom solution that allows a convenient way to integrate WordPress and Marketo with no coding. The connector makes content delivery more dynamic and engaging. It encompasses out-of-the-box marketing campaign capabilities that deliver targeted content to customers for better conversions and ROI.

    So with WordPress-Marketo Connector, you can notify your subscribers about new blog posts, enable Marketo-embedded forms prefilling, send scheduled posts, and do a lot more.

    Key Facets of WP-Marketo Connector

    Automatic Blog Updates
    Via Email

    Leverage Marketo program and campaign to notify subscribers about the newly published blog or article automatically.

    Multiple Posts Scheduling
    Using Digest

    Make multiple post scheduling using selected categories a breeze by leveraging Digest capabilities.

    Easy Marketo Form

    Create shortcodes for Marketo forms for hassle-free Marketo forms integration and add thank you messages or even pages associated with those forms.

    Progressive Profiling Through
    Marketo-Embedded Forms

    Offer your users the convenience of pre-filling information. Allow prefilling restriction on dynamic fields and enable prefilling on hidden fields.

    Conditional Blocks for Website

    Create conditional blocks through Marketo data to trigger specific actions and personalize the user experience on your website.

    Marketo Lead Data for
    Content Personalization

    Determine the interests of the users and provide the most relevant data or product recommendations to maximize conversions.

    Automatic Data Syncing Between
    Marketo and WordPress

    Absolutely no code is required to enable automatic data flow between these two platforms.


    The plug-and-play solution is easy to configure and use with an interactive interface. Users can make tweaks and move things around with just a few things without coding.

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    Key Benefits of WordPress-Marketo Integration

    Email Scheduling to Nurture Prospects

    Send scheduled email notifications to prospects to drive engagement

    Elevate User Experience

    Personalize Real-time webpage content for exceptional customer experiences

    Accelerate Website Conversions

    Leverage dynamic form pre-fill and progressive profiling feature to boost lead conversions

    Improve Subscription Rate

    Integrate relevant pop-up sign-up boxes to persuade interested users to subscribe effortlessly

    Automate Notification Processes

    Leverage Digest to generate and send notifications to subscribers whenever there’s a new blog or article

    Boost Content Engagement

    Personalize website content based on your visitors’ interests to showcase the right content

    Use Cases

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