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    Accelerate Digital Transformation With Salesforce AI

    Salesforce AI for Sales Cloud

    Automate and personalize sales tasks, speed up time-to-close, enhance efficiency, and improve customer insights to sell smarter and faster

    Salesforce AI for Service Cloud

    Automate routine tasks, improve response times, personalize customer interactions, eliminate hold time, and reduce handle time

    Salesforce AI for Marketing Cloud

    Create automated & personalized campaigns, optimize customer journeys to drive higher customer satisfaction and business growth

    Salesforce AI for FinancialForce

    Unravel critical insights such as customer support cases, survey data, usage metrics, financial data, sales invoices and more to deliver specialized service to customers

    Salesforce AI for Engagement Cloud

    Deliver personalized and engaging experiences to customers, leverage data-driven insights and automation, enhance customer engagement, and drive conversions

    Salesforce AI for Einstein Analytics

    Gain deeper insights to make data-driven decisions, identify opportunities, and optimize business processes for improved efficiency and success

    Grazitti’s Innovative Use of Salesforce AI Driving Business Growth for Customers

    Lead Scoring

    Prioritize & identify high-quality leads more accurately, refine your marketing strategies, optimize lead generation, and improve overall sales performance

    Workflow Automation

    Improve efficiency, reduce manual effort, streamline business processes, optimize resource utilization, improve decision-making, and deliver better CX

    Predict Customer Behavior

    Analyze customer journeys across multiple touchpoints, generate predictive insights, and identify at-risk customers to make informed business decisions


    Automate & scale customer support, increase agent efficiency, deliver a coherent self-service to ensure a seamless handoff to agents

    Sales Forecasting & Analytics

    Enhance your sales planning, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue growth and improve overall sales performance

    Opportunity Management

    Enhance your sales processes, increase win rates, make data-driven decisions to improve overall sales performance and maximize the potential of each opportunity

    Marketing Automation

    Enhance campaign personalization, improve lead nurturing and conversion, optimize content strategies, and automate repetitive tasks

    Email Management

    Enhance email personalization, improve engagement rates, optimize email content and timing, and gain valuable insights from email performance analytics

    Product Recommendations

    Deliver tailored recommendations that resonate with customers, enhance customer experiences, increase sales, drive customer engagement, and improve conversion rates

    Experience Innovation and Success with Grazitti, your Salesforce Crest Partner

    Boost Sales & Revenue

    Attract new customers, increase customer lifetime value, improve NPS, boost conversion rates, and shorten the sales cycle, to ultimately drive sales growth and revenue

    Enhance Customer Service

    Improve first-call resolution rates, reduce customer effort, optimize average handle time, and gather valuable insights from customer feedback

    Drive Data-Driven Insights

    Make more informed decisions, uncover hidden opportunities, optimize customer engagement, and enhance overall operational efficiency to deliver a superior CX

    Build Customer Relationships

    Increase CSAT scores, boost customer retention rates, and foster customer advocacy through personalized engagement and proactive support to build long-lasting customer relationships

    Streamline Business Operations

    Streamline operations, reduce manual effort, optimize decision-making, and enhance collaboration to improve efficiency and reduce costs, ultimately driving business growth and success

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    AI Success Stories: Transforming Industries and Business Operations

    Group 206 1 1

    Automating Extraction of Wikipedia Article Using BERT AI Model

    • Summarized a large text piece to a 70% summary
    • Reduced 60% man hours
    • Used pre-existing docs and summaries to fine tune the training algorithm

    Integrating Salesforce Service Cloud With ChatGPT to Deliver Better CX

    • 30% Faster Case Resolution
    • 30% Increase in Overall Agent Efficiency
    • Improved Customer Service Operations

    Generating Images From Text Using Stable Diffusion

    • Image Generation Based on Textual Prompts
    • Model Fine-tuned, Based on Requirements
    • Images Used for Marketing Without Copyright Issues

    Frequently Asked Questions for Salesforce Einstein GPT!

    1. What is Salesforce AI?
    Salesforce AI refers to the artificial intelligence capabilities offered by Salesforce. It includes various AI-powered tools and features that help businesses enhance their sales, marketing, and customer service operations.
    2. Is it possible to integrate Salesforce AI with an existing Salesforce Cloud?
    Yes, Salesforce AI, such as Salesforce Einstein, can be seamlessly integrated with existing Salesforce clouds, including Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and others. This integration allows businesses to leverage AI capabilities within their existing Salesforce ecosystem.
    3. Should I implement salesforce AI with Sales Cloud?
    Implementing Salesforce AI, such as Einstein, with the Sales Cloud can significantly enhance sales operations. Einstein can provide intelligent insights, predictive analytics, and automation features that help sales teams optimize their processes, prioritize leads, and increase sales effectiveness.
    4. How much time does it take to implement Salesforce AI?
    The time required to implement Salesforce AI depends on various factors, including the complexity of the organization's requirements, data readiness, and customization needs. The implementation timeframe can range from a few weeks to several months, depending on the scope of the project.
    5. What does Einstein GPT do?
    Einstein GPT is a natural language processing model developed by Salesforce. It is designed to generate human-like text responses based on given prompts. It can be used to automate text-based tasks, provide conversational AI capabilities, and support various use cases such as chatbots and virtual assistants.
    6. What is Einstein GPT for CRM?
    Einstein GPT for CRM is a specific application of Einstein GPT within the Salesforce CRM context. It enables CRM users to leverage natural language generation for tasks like automated email responses, personalized messaging, or generating dynamic content for customer communications.
    7. How does Einstein GPT work?
    Einstein GPT is based on deep learning techniques, specifically Transformer models. It is trained on a large corpus of text data to understand the relationships between words and generate coherent responses. The model learns to generate text by predicting the next word based on the context of the given prompt or input.
    8. What is Salesforce Einstein used for?
    Salesforce Einstein is used for incorporating AI capabilities into Salesforce CRM and other Salesforce clouds. It helps businesses automate tasks, gain intelligent insights from data, personalize customer experiences, and make data-driven decisions across various aspects of the customer lifecycle, including sales, service, marketing, and more.
    9. Is Salesforce Einstein really AI?
    Yes, Salesforce Einstein is a form of artificial intelligence. It encompasses a range of AI technologies, such as machine learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics, to enable intelligent automation, predictive insights, and personalized experiences within the Salesforce platform.
    10. How can sales teams benefit from Einstein?
    Sales teams can benefit from Salesforce Einstein in several ways. It can help them prioritize leads, identify cross-selling or upselling opportunities, automate repetitive tasks, gain insights into sales performance, and provide personalized recommendations to drive sales effectiveness and improve overall performance.
    11. How do I use Einstein in Salesforce?
    To use Einstein in Salesforce, you can leverage the Einstein features and tools available within specific Salesforce Clouds. This may involve configuring and enabling Einstein capabilities, integrating AI-powered tools, and leveraging the provided Einstein features, such as predictive lead scoring, opportunity insights, or automated email responses, within the Salesforce user interface.

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