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    Design cost-effective AWS architecture specific to your business requirements and consult with Grazitti’s solution architects.

    Database Migration

    Migrate your existing data warehouse from your on-premises data center or from another cloud provider to AWS Redshift.

    Cloud DWH Solution With AWS Redshift

    Build a true cloud-native data platform on AWS Redshift with full multi-source data ingestion and integration, to advanced capabilities in analytics and machine learning.

    Data Integration & Preparation

    Move and consolidate data from disparate sources, transform it, and prepare it for analytics with ETL, data profiling, replication, preparation, and more.

    Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

    Transform raw data into actionable business insights with analytic processing technologies such as reporting, dashboarding, and data visualization.

    Data Governance & Security

    Define & enforce policies, ensure data security, manage personal information, create data catalogs & glossaries, and implement data lineage, masking, & federation.

    AWS Tech Stack

    • Amazon Athena
    • Amazon Elasticsearch
    • AWS Glue
    • Amazon EMR
    • Amazon Kinesis
    • AWS Data Exchange
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon RDS
    • AWS Lake Formation
    • Amazon QuickSight
    • Amazon MSK
    • AWS Data Pipeline
    • Amazon CloudSearch
    • Amazon Redshift

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