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    Our Customers

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    Grazitti As eLearning Solution Provider

    A global innovation leader, Grazitti Interactive designs, deploys, and delivers robust Learning Management System solutions that power business growth.

    With 15+ years of experience, we understand the evolving nature of the education landscape and bring modern LMS development services to you that will inspire your learners.
    Grazitti serves over 1000 global customers, including Fortune 500 companies across education, technology, banking & financial services, healthcare, and travel.

    Our Key Learning Management System Offerings

    LMS Consultation

    Get a comprehensive need analysis and requirement gathering of your LMS implementation and usage lifecycle to make informed decisions and optimize training efforts.

    Selection and Implementation

    Provide an engaging learning experience, increase user adoption, and reduce costs by choosing the right LMS technology.

    Development & Customization

    Equipped with a diverse skill set, our experts develop, customize, and configure a feature-rich LMS from scratch, meeting your business’s unique needs.

    Third-Party Integration & Plug-Ins

    Integrate Third-Party Systems and plug-ins to your LMS to upgrade its functionality, streamline workflows, or improve accessibility.

    Update & Migrate

    Our experts can seamlessly upgrade and migrate your LMS to create a user-friendly interface without any data loss.

    LMS Training

    Leverage our LMS training expertise to enhance collaboration, enable faster user onboarding, or increase your team’s admin and support skills.

    Reporting and Analytics

    Take data-driven decisions and access customizable reports with our reporting and analytics expertise.

    Support & Maintenance

    Get ongoing expert support to ensure the optimal functioning and performance of your LMS, post-successful deployment.

    Evaluation and Optimization

    Unlock your LMS potential with our evaluation and optimization services to enhance learners’ experience and increase engagement.


    Solidify Your eLearning Business With Our Custom Learning Management System Services

    Easily Accessible

    Easily Accessible

    Customized and Organized Content

    Customized and
    Organized Content

    Performance-Driven Tracking and Reporting

    Tracking and Reporting

    Reduced Costs and Time Consumption

    Reduced Costs and
    Time Consumption

    Improved User Engagement

    Improved User

    Satisfied Customer Requirements

    Satisfied Customer

    Improved Feature Functionality

    Improved Feature

    Build a Learner-Centric LMS Solution With Our Platform Expertise


    Get a robust, secure, and integrated Learning Management System with our personalized Moodle services.

    • Custom Moodle Plug-in Development
    • Moodle Reporting & Analytics
    • Moodle Support and Maintenance

    Deliver comprehensive and user-friendly eLearning solutions with our ROI-oriented Docebo services.

    • Docebo LMS Customization
    • Docebo Configuration
    • Docebo LMS Maintenance & Support

    Build a feature-rich LMS to enhance your traditional learning business with our superlative Blackboard Learn services.

    • Blackboard Learn LMS Design and Development
    • Blackboard Learn Reporting and Analytics
    • Blackboard Learn Maintenance & Support

    Create a well-integrated LMS to implement hybrid learning with our performance-driven Schoology services.

    • Comprehensive Schoology LMS Design and Development
    • Schoology Reporting and Analytics
    • Schoology Maintenance and Support
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    Optimize your LMS, training programs, and drive better learning outcomes with our LMS expertise.

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    Our Proven Process for Creating a Responsive Learning Management System

    Explore Our Blue-Chip Learning Management
    System Projects

    Application Modernization

    Case Study

    Implementing Webcam Proctoring in Moodle for a Leading e-Learning Organization

    Application Modernization

    Case Study

    Customizing Survey Forms and Website Components in AEM 6.5 for a Global Organizational Consulting Firm

    Application Modernization

    Case Study

    Migrating and Optimizing a Research and Development Portal in AEM for a Leading Multinational Technology Company

    Create Innovative LMS Solutions With Our
    Expert-Led Services

    Unlock the full potential of your e-Learning business with our cutting-edge LMS solutions and experience a new level of innovation.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
    A Learning Management System (LMS) is a software platform that helps organizations manage and deliver online learning content and training programs. It provides tools for creating, organizing, delivering, and tracking educational content, assessments, and learner progress in a centralized online environment.
    What are the benefits of using an LMS for my organization?
    LMS for a business can provide various benefits, like centralized content management, flexible delivery options, tracking & reporting, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.
    How do I select the appropriate LMS for my organization?
    Selecting a suitable LMS for your business can be a complex process. It involves considering various factors, such as learning objectives, budget, technical requirements, scalability, ease of use, and support options. Consulting with a learning management services agency or conducting a thorough needs’ assessment can help you make an informed decision.
    How long does it take to implement an LMS?
    The implementation timeline for an LMS can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of your project’s requirements, the size of your training programs, or the level of customization needed. Working with a well-equipped LMS service partner can help ensure a smooth and timely implementation process.
    Can I customize the look and feel of my LMS platform?
    Yes, many LMS platforms offer customization options that allow you to brand the platform with your business logo, color preferences, fonts, and other visual elements. Here, an LMS services partner can assist in customizing the look and feel of your LMS platform to align with your brand.
    Can I integrate my LMS with other tools and systems?
    Yes, most modern LMS platforms offer integration capabilities that allow you to connect with other tools and systems. Here, an LMS service partner can help you with third-party integrations to streamline workflows, improve data management, and enhance the overall functionality of your LMS.
    Can I track learner progress and assess the effectiveness of my training programs with an LMS?
    Yes, most LMS platforms offer to track and report via features that allow you to monitor learner progress, completion rates, assessment results, and other metrics. These reports can provide insights into the effectiveness of your training programs and help you identify areas for improvement.

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    Your LMS, Your Way –
    With Our Custom LMS
    Development Solutions

    Deliver an investment-worthy eLearning
    experience with our team of LMS maestros.
    Here’s how we’ll determine and discuss your
    LMS project requirements.

    • Comprehend Your Specific LMS Needs with Our Custom Solutions
    • Plan and Execute Your LMS Development Project
    • Custom LMS Plugins and Add-ons to Boost Your Learning Platform
    • Get Real-Time Data with Our LMS Reporting and Analytics Solutions

    Your Unique Requirements, Our Innovative
    LMS Solutions - Let's Get Started

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