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    Executive Summary
    Salesforce Predictions for 2022 and Beyond: A Look Into the Present and Future of Salesforce

    As an intelligent CRM solution, Salesforce has been holding the crown for being the #1 CRM. And over the years they’ve grown to a full-blown ecosystem with a suite of powerful applications so that organizations can elevate the way businesses are done - to a whole new level!

    The Salesforce suite of applications holds a strong presence in several industry domains, and Salesforce has been blazing ahead in terms of growth rate and revenue in recent years.

    Given the trend that Salesforce is following, they are consistently working towards expanding their innovations, partnerships, and strategic acquisitions to become a leader in our digital-first world.

    To decode what’s next in the Salesforce arena, we bring to you - Salesforce Predictions for 2022 and Beyond - divided into 9 comprehensive chapters that highlight the key tech predictions of 2022 and beyond.

    Here are the featured chapters:

    • Salesforce’s Industry-Specific CRM: A Game-Changer for Businesses in the Digital Age
    • Mergers and Acquisitions: Making Salesforce a Solid Tech Ecosystem
    • Salesforce Einstein: Translating Data Into Better Experiences
    • Salesforce and ISVs: Unlocking Customized Tech Solutions for Businesses
    • 4 Reasons that Make Salesforce a Powerful Digital Transformation Ally for SMBs
    • Integrating RPA With Salesforce: A Step Towards Revolutionizing Business Operations
    • Salesforce Integrations: Amplifying the Capabilities of Salesforce
    • Workplace Transformation Lessons Organizations Can Learn from Salesforce
    • Combat Your Cloud Data Security Challenges With Salesforce

    Each chapter demonstrates a clear understanding of what lies in the future of Salesforce, the latest innovations that we could see, emerging Salesforce trends, and what it takes to get the ultimate Salesforce vantage point.

    With each chapter, you’d gain deeper insights into the transformation that Salesforce would bring and take a walk into the future so that you can be ready for it.

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