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    Executive Summary
    Future Salesforce Explorations Packed Into an Exclusive
    Salesforce is not just a platform but an industry standard now. Being the world’s #1 CRM, it has changed the game on how we use technology in business and revolutionized marketing, sales, and many different departments. Continuing to maintain its innovation, Salesforce comes up with something interesting and new every year. And their legacy of innovation continues to this day.
    But what will its future look like in 2023? Will Salesforce venture into some new sectors?
    To decode what’s next in the Salesforce arena, here are our predictions for how Salesforce will redefine the global business landscape in 2023 and beyond.
    Each chapter entails an encyclopedic view of what lies in the future of Salesforce, the industries Salesforce has yet to make a mark on, and how this software powerhouse will revolutionize the digital era.
    With each chapter of our repertoire, you’d gain deeper insights into the future of Salesforce and the transformation it is likely to bring to the global business landscape, so you can be prepared for what’s about to come next.
    Employee Experience: Salesforce’s New Investment Hub for 2023
    How Will Salesforce Lead the Future of CX With AI?
    Will Salesforce Move Towards the Freelancing Space in 2023?
    Salesforce – Solidifying the Move Towards Digital Dominance
    Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation Endeavors – The Salesforce Way
    Low-Code No-Code Development: Salesforce’s Focal Point in 2023
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