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    Transparent ROMI

    Align your marketing activities with sales results to calculate the ROI on content, initiatives, and programs. You can gain insights into which tools and resources are being used, which ones aren’t, and which ones are the hot deals

    Improved Sales Effectiveness

    Help sales teams prioritize the deals by allowing them to focus on what they need to do to win or advance sales. With step-by-step guidance and visibility into each activity, sales can adapt as buyer needs change, and replicate the winning activities across teams

    Advanced Sales Analytics

    Track what your top salespeople are doing to crack deals and put best practices into the hands of your entire sales team

    Actionable Insights

    Close the loop between Marketing and Sales by measuring the impact of your sales and marketing tools

    Improved Forecast Accuracy

    Have confidence in your sales forecasts, knowing pipelines are more accurate based on the actual sales behavior—not merely forecasts


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