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    Amplify Your Brand Message

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

    Grazitti delivers customizable & scalable paid media solutions, enabling you to maximize ROI with data-driven decisions & result-oriented campaigns.

    Reach your target audience with multi-media strategies & advanced audience-targeting techniques such as demographic & location targeting.

    Track KPIs in real-time with robust reporting & get complete control of ad campaigns.

    Optimize campaigns to ensure that ads reach the right people at the right places and drive brand visibility.

    Why You Need Paid Media Solutions


    U.S. retailers generate 50% of traffic
    via ads


    of marketers increased sales after a successful campaign


    of B2B companies acquire new customers via ads


    of businesses named PPC as their top marketing strategy


    The global mobile ads market will grow to $160 billion by 2026

    Find The Right Audience

    We enable you to find the right target market, increase reach, and maximize Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)
    with data-driven strategies.

    Whether you’re looking to increase sales, generate leads, or attract walk-in customers, we
    empower you to achieve business goals with:

    Search Ads

    Reach the top of search results with one of the most effective forms of PPC advertising.

    Display Ads

    Reach a wide audience with strategic ad placement across websites & devices, such as mobile and desktop.

    Remarketing Ads

    Re-engage potential customers who’ve shown interest in your brand, services, & products.

    Shopping Ads

    Get qualified leads by displaying photos of products & services, price, and more.

    Social Ads

    Re-engage customers while promoting products and services to prospects.

    InStream Ads

    Reach a captive audience by streaming ads before, during, and/or at the end of a video.

    Video Ads

    Display ads before, during, or after a video stream, or as standalone ones in the vicinity of a video.

    PPC Platforms We Support

    Grazitti provides multi-platform paid media solutions that enable you to maximize reach and
    take ad campaign ROI to the next level.

    Build a robust brand identity, convert leads, increase sales, and more, with ad
    platforms that cater to your needs:

    Microsoft Advertising Services
    Target & reach potential customers across the Microsoft Search Network.
    LinkedIn Ads Services
    Build robust social connections to grow your business on LinkedIn.
    Reach potential customers and fulfill your business goals.
    Deploy ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network.
    Amazon Ads Management
    Display ads within the Amazon ecosystem of eCommerce stores.
    Display video or audio-based ads between songs, podcasts, and playlists on Spotify’s free version.
    Advertise to potential customers across Quora.

    Deploy PPC Advertising Services to Reach
    & Convert Prospects

    How We Enabled a Fortune 500 Technology Company to Manage Their 1.5 Million Dollar Ad Spend

    Our customer is a U.S-based technological solutions provider that enables businesses to fulfill their hardware and software requirements. They wanted to build an effective marketing strategy to operationalize their business and improve their marketing structure. The customer also wanted to boost website traffic, create brand awareness, and improve the quality of leads generated.

    Download this case study to learn how we enabled them to achieve:

    Case Study
    • 41%Increase in Number
      of Clicks
    • 50%Improvement in
    • 21%Decrease in
    • 35%Improvement in Leads Generated

    Leverage the Power of Omni-Channel Advertising

    As the digital world evolves, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and technologies to stay competitive.

    One of the most effective ways to do this is with an omnichannel marketing strategy.

    With paid ads, you can leverage the power of multiple channels and reach more prospects than ever before:

    • Segment & Target Your Audience
    • Increase ROI
    • Maximize Visibility Across Platforms
    • Build Audience Engagement
    • Generate Leads & Sales
    • Retain Customers
    • Implement Analytics
    Omnichannel Marketing

    Paid Media Solutions to Boost Business Growth

    Paid media-based advertising is one of the foundational elements of successful digital marketing. It enables you to target prospects, improve brand visibility & awareness, and increase sales.

    At Grazitti, we enable you to drive business growth with advanced pay-per-click advertising services and techniques such as conversion optimization, a step-by-step performance & scaling framework, as well as granular targeting. Our team will help you find, capture, and capitalize on untapped growth opportunities with the power of paid advertising.

    We employ robust analytical tools to monitor, measure, and optimize ad performance and maximize ROI. Here’s why you should go for paid ads:

    Partnerships & Certifications

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have additional PPC Management services-related queries? Browse these frequently asked questions about PPC!

    Is pay-per-click advertising right for my business?
    If you're looking for a cost-effective way to reach potential customers and drive website traffic, pay-per-click advertising may be the right choice. By leveraging the power of paid ads, you can maximize visibility and generate leads quickly and efficiently.
    How long does it take to see the results of PPC advertising?
    This depends on the type of campaign, budget allocated, and targeting strategies used. It can take anywhere between a few days to several months before you start seeing measurable results from paid campaigns. However, with effective optimization and monitoring, you can often see results faster.
    I have tried PPC before and it didn’t work for me. Should I try again?
    Several factors come into play as far as ad campaigns are concerned, including keyword selection, ad copy, targeting options, and more. With the right elements, you can create an effective paid ad campaign to bring in quality leads and generate conversions.
    Why should I pay for PPC advertising?
    Paid advertising can help you create targeted campaigns tailored to business needs. It can also provide valuable insights into ad performance so that you can make adjustments as and when needed. Whether you're looking for more visibility or higher conversions, paid advertising can help get you there. By investing in paid advertising, you'll be able to maximize ROI and reach more prospects.
    How much does PPC usually cost?
    As a general rule of thumb, you’ll be paying your service provider anywhere between 12% to 30% of your ad budget for a given month.

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