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Selenium Hybrid Framework

Selenium Hybrid Framework

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The latest version of the most popular Selenium Framework is here!

Grazitti’s Selenium WebDriver Framework has over 5,000 downloads and is used by over 2,000 companies. We have now launched Version 4, which is a hybrid framework that combines the benefits of keyword-driven and data-driven framework. Upgrade your Selenium Framework to the latest version and increase the speed and accuracy of your testing process.
Faq's for Selenium Framework Version 4


  • Maintainability: decreased test maintenance efforts and resources
  • Reusability: re-usable code
  • Manageability: effective test design, execution and tractability
  • Accessibility: easy to design, develop & modify tests
  • Availability: scheduled execution that can run 24/7 without any vigilance
  • Reliability: advanced error control and scenario recovery abilities
  • Flexibility: totally independent of system or environment under test
  • Measurability: customized reporting of the test outcomes
Selenium V4 Graphic

Technical Specifications:

  • TestNG
  • Java
  • XSLT
  • Hybrid Framework

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