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    Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud – A Complete Business Process Management Solution For

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    Smart Inventory Management
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    Better Vendor Management
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    Strong Customer Relationships

    Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Offerings

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    Manage Sales Agreements

    Make your business transactions more predictable and increase your revenue margin. Track actual quantities and revenues with real-time updates from orders and contracts.


    Optimize Demand Generation

    Track leads through the sales process and learn what sales strategies work for particular customers and get insights to boost lead generation.

    Our Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud Services

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?
    Designed to meet the needs of manufacturing and other supply chain businesses, Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud provides a comprehensive business interaction layer. It automates service operations, and simplifies supply chain management, and supplier relationship management.
    How does Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud help the manufacturing industry?
    You can better understand your run-rate business, increase transparency and collaboration between your operations and sales teams, and better forecast your business with Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud. Furthermore, it enables you to manage all aspects of customer service.
    How can Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud benefit my organization?
    With Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, you can collaborate across departments more effectively. With it, companies can automate manual tasks and avoid human error by connecting departments. This information can be vital to businesses when placing sales or fulfillment orders.
    Why should I choose Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud?
    The market and business environment continue to evolve at an accelerated rate, requiring business leaders to collaborate more closely and frequently with other stakeholders also involved in forecasting. Manufacturing Cloud allows all stakeholders to collaborate effectively on forecast data. Using a single source of truth, account managers, regional sales managers, and partners can all track adjustments made to account forecasts. Overall, it’s an ideal BPMS (Business Process Management Solution) for the manufacturing industry.
    Can we integrate Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud with other ERPs?
    Yes, Manufacturing Cloud can be integrated with your existing ERP and OMS systems via APIs, the MuleSoft Accelerator for Manufacturing, or other middleware solutions. Please drop us a line at [email protected] if you would like more information or expert assistance on effortless integration.
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