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    How We Help

    Expand Your Security Expertise

    With an in-depth knowledge of enterprise security projects, our cyber security experts can effectively manage your security concerns and protect your business from cyber threats.

    Protect Your Crucial IT Infrastructure

    With the help of advanced information protection, intrusion prevention, and threat intelligence tools, our experts enable you to protect your IT infrastructure from cyber threats/attacks.

    Establish Business Continuity

    By conducting 24/7 security monitoring, our experts ensure that threat protection solutions are implemented and a disaster recovery plan is in place to prevent any disruptions.

    Strengthen Your Security Posture

    With the help of our security assessment services and security audits, you can get insights into the security posture of your organization, potential vulnerabilities, and ways to mitigate them.

    Reduce Business Risks

    By implementing comprehensive cyber security solutions, our experts enable you to eliminate data breaches to avoid financial losses, reputational damage, and stolen intellectual property.

    Improve Security Compliance & Data Privacy

    With our compliance assessment, consulting, and implementation services, our experts help you achieve compliance with ISO, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOC, and BSI, while ensuring data privacy.

    Information Security Services

    Governance, Risk, &
    Compliance (GRC)

    Strategize overall governance, manage organizational risks, and ensure regulatory compliance.


    Identify critical assets, vulnerabilities, faulty security controls and work towards eliminating them.


    Determine system weaknesses and evaluate system vulnerabilities by launching an authorized simulated attack.

    Security Operations
    Center (SOC)

    Monitor malicious activities, get visibility into the infrastructure, and improve incident detection.


    Incorporate a risk-balanced strategy with leading data protection technologies to secure critical enterprise data.

    Managed Cyber
    Security Services (MCSS)

    Identify risks, mitigate the impact, and protect against known intrusions, zero-day attacks and persistent threats.

    Vendor Risk

    Create an effective third-party vendor management framework to minimize the exposure to financial, operational, reputational, and security risk.


    Internal Auditing as a Service (IAaaS)

    Group 5632IAaaS helps businesses accomplish strategic objectives, improve their routine operations, and help the audit committee manage the diverse risks of the digital world.

    Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS)

    dpaasDPaaS help businesses maintain a strong data protection architecture that improves brand value, protects data assets, and enforces privacy controls.

    Information Security as a Service (ISaaS)

    isaasISaaS enables businesses to maintain the confidentiality of their core infrastructure, identify what assets need to be protected, and secure sensitive information.

    Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS)

    csaasCSaaS helps you focus on specific business operations, build scalable solutions, reduce costs, and maintain a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

    Virtual CISO as a Service (vCISOaaS)

    vCISOaaSvCISOaaS helps you get access to a skilled, seasoned cyber security practitioner to drive the cybersecurity program and ensure the safety of crucial information assets.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are a small business and don’t have any critical data. Do we still need cyber security services?
    Yes, because no business today, irrespective of its size, is safe from the growing hacking and cyber threats. Protecting data is only a part of an overall security program. Businesses today need to step up and adopt enterprise-grade security. There might be other risks or liabilities including preventing mistakes, misuse by insider threats, malicious attacks that can compromise your systems, partners, customers, or even employees. Such liabilities go far beyond just data. It is also important to protect your financial systems from targeted hacks such as wire transfer fraud and thefts related to employees’ confidential information and intellectual property of the organization. Not only can security breaches cause significant disruption to business operations, but the government can also levy fines against poorly executed compliance.
    How is Information Security different from Cyber Security?
    Cybersecurity is concerned with attacks occurring inside or outside an organization. This framework helps protect businesses from being vulnerable to potential cyber threats. Information security on the other hand is protecting the confidentiality, integrity, availability of data. The practice ensures the security of organizational databases or any valuable data stored in any form. While cybersecurity focuses on protecting data available in electronic form without letting it being compromised, InfoSec is inclusive of cybersecurity and involves protecting the procedural, access technical, and compliance controls.
    Is the managed security services program expensive?
    We have created an affordable program that can help you save time and money. We aim to deliver enterprise-class cyber security to businesses of all sizes. This includes everything from our managed security offerings to consulting services. We can also develop a monthly program where an entire team can help you deliver expert-level security at prices lower than an entirely new security expert hire.
    What tools do you use to manage customer security?
    We use a combination of industry standards, state-of-the-art cybersecurity tools for scanning, testing, and managing cyber security of an organization. Along with that, we have unique means to protect the intellectual property of a business. We are also partners with some reputed service providers to deliver quality services and can also manage the existing technologies a customer uses.
    Do you have any security assessments to find out where a business stands today?
    Yes. We have a very well-defined methodology that works in accordance with the standards and governance requirements outlined for a particular industry. We have developed this work methodology for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We also use our predefined frameworks (a combination of scanning tools, workshops, and our modeling) to identify gaps and address them. This approach enables us to determine all known risks and send recommendations on how to address them.
    We already have a security team in place. Is outsourcing cyber security services required?
    Many organizations do not have a dedicated cyber security workforce so they split duties for system administrators and network administrators. Onboarding third-party vendors ensures that there are dedicated cyber security resources who are threat hunting and monitoring alerts and logs, and cyber security engineers trained to fine-tune and support the service.
    Do we need cyber security services if we pass the external third-party compliance audit(s) such as ISO27001, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SSAE18 – SOC 1 and 2?
    Yes. Conducting internal and external audits is a good idea to review the cybersecurity culture of your organization. But having dedicated resources to manage cyber security services becomes even more significant when you have audit findings to address. These findings are informational and a team deployed can look into what action should be taken to resolve if any risks are identified. A cyber security services provider can help you actively identify risks, make a solid plan for the future, improve governance and compliance responsibilities, and develop a proactive cybersecurity program to address future audits.
    What cybersecurity services does Grazitti provide?
    At Grazitti, we help customers with proactive GRC, security assessment, penetration testing, security operations center, and data protection services. Additionally, our cyber security solutions include Internal Auditing as a Service (IAaaS), Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS), Information Security as a Service (ISaaS), Cyber Security as a Service (CSaaS), and Virtual CISO as a Service (vCISOaaS).
    Why is Grazitti different from other MSSPs?
    MSSPs usually take a technology approach that involves selling you software and hardware. This can prove to be a bit complex for organizations instead of enabling them to do business more effectively. At Grazitti, we view cybersecurity from a business enablement point of view. We start with analyzing what drives your business and what processes you follow. Then, we map your security strategy with your business needs. This way we can enable you to save monetarily and reduce cyber risks.

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