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    Responsive Communities

    Building powerful, responsive communities with end-to-end solutions including planning and strategy, development, management, and support

    Custom Integrations

    Building bi-directional and seamless integrations with third party platforms like Apache Solr, Service Cloud, Zendesk, Calendar, Events and more

    Suggestive Search

    Implementing suggestive search with data from different data sources including Service Cloud, Confluence, and other data sources

    Custom design

    Creating customized and tailored front-end designs that easily blend in with existing systems and branding guidelines


    Embedding newsfeed to share the latest updates with employees and keep them aligned with the organization’s goals and vision

    Learning Management System

    Integrating Learning Management Systems (LMS) with the community to help employees easily access product training modules

    Event Calendar

    Creating an integrated system that helps you to never miss out on meetups, schedules, and keep you updated

    Gated Internal Content

    Creating auto-responding emails that include links to the gated content for better employee engagement and prevent competitors from accessing it

    Community Platforms

    Solutions Docs

    Why Employee Community?

    YAn integrated environment for employees gives them a feeling of being connected to one another. An employee community delivers a space for every employee to interact, help, build connections, tackle any miscommunication internally, increase participation, commitment, provide valuable feedback, and stay connected. It helps you to grow your business and improve employee satisfaction and loyalty.

    Are you thinking of launching an employee community but aren’t sure where to start? Visit our online community services to explore the possibilities.

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