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    Significance of Data Deduplication and Data Standardization
    in Effective Data Management

    Detect & MergeDetect & Merge Duplicates

    Prevents multiple representatives from contacting a single individual simultaneously

    Improves the performance

    Improves the performance of your marketing automation and CRM platforms

    Effectively identifies your target audience

    Facilitates the development of precise segments, enabling targeted marketing campaigns

    Eliminate duplicate records

    Makes data shareable and accessible across an organization

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    Inaccurate data due to duplicates, inaccuracies, and inconsistencies can undermine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. However, removing duplicate records from Marketo & Salesforce instances manually is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to increased costs and skewed data in reports. To address this challenge, a dedupe solution is essential to ensure clean and accurate data for effective marketing campaigns and better ROI.

    Additionally, inconsistent and unstructured data across platforms like Marketo can hinder marketing operations, making it difficult to execute targeted campaigns and generate accurate reports. Data standardization offers a solution by automating the process of removing unorganized data and eliminating duplicates, resulting in a more logical data storage system and improved data accuracy.

    Unveiling M-Clean: Dedupe and Standardize Marketo Data

    Keep Your Business Up & Running With Clean Data

    Grazitti’s custom solution, M-Clean, automatically eliminates duplicate data from Marketo and CRM platforms like Salesforce/MS Dynamics, preventing the creation of new duplicates. This ensures a clean database, enhancing marketing campaign efficiency and ROI. M-Clean reduces lead volume costs, as platforms charge based on known leads.
    Moreover, M-Clean is continuously enhanced based on customer needs and insights. Data standardization in Marketo involves refining and structuring data to ensure consistency, accuracy, and organization, facilitating effective marketing campaigns, lead management, and reporting.

    Detect and Eliminate Redundant Data

    M-Clean takes care of the tedious tasks of data matching and deduplication.

    Within minutes of installation

    Within minutes of installation, easily identify duplicate records and merge them promptly.

    Save hours of work

    Save hours of work by automatically merging duplicates instantly with a single click, minimizing the need for manual intervention.

    Merge a substantial number

    Detect redundant entries and improve data quality, all while reducing the likelihood of errors caused by duplicate information.

    Remove Errors and Inconsistencies

    Eliminate inaccurate data with robust deduplication features that cater to both standard and custom objects.

    Combine child records and parent

    Combine child records and parent records to avoid duplicates within a single account.

    Customize deduplication

    Customize deduplication criteria according to your business requirements, such as identifying cases where emails are the same but names or companies differ, or when emails and names are identical but firms vary.

    Remove outdated records

    Standardize data by removing errors and inconsistencies, enforcing a uniform structure and format across diverse datasets.

    How Does M-Clean Work?

    Implementing M-Clean in Marketo facilitates comparing and combining records from Marketo and Salesforce, enhancing data management. It prevents the transfer of duplicates from Marketo to Salesforce and ensures synchronized merged records back to Marketo. Additionally, M-Clean employs data standardization to provide a structured approach to data management, resulting in improved outcomes.

    Data Deduplication Steps

    Use the ‘Set M-Clean Mode’ option to choose your dedupe process configuration mode.

    Here, you can decide whether to merge duplicates in both Marketo Engage and Salesforce or solely in Marketo Engage.

    Specify the criteria for identifying duplicate leads in your database, such as email address, company name, or full name.

    Select the ‘Identify Winning Record’ feature to define how merge rules are applied.

    You can opt to select the record with the oldest or recently created or updated date as the winning record.

    Customize field append settings to choose which fields to include from the winning record during the merge process.

    Data Standardization Steps

    Log in to your M-Clean account and click on the Standardization tab in the left menu.

    Customize aliases for the chosen fields based on your requirements and add multiple values for the custom field.

    Set up a webhook in Marketo and log in to your Marketo account.

    Visit the admin tab, click on the webhooks link, and select the “New Webhook” link.

    Return to your M-Clean account and access the Standardization tab by clicking on the “Install Standardization Webhook” tab.

    Copy the details provided to create a new

    Finally, create a real-time campaign and invoke this Webhook using the person/lead created Data Value Changes filter for selected fields.

    Key Features of M-Clean

    Set up & Configure Easily

    Consistent Data Formats

    Standardizing data involves ensuring that data fields like names, addresses, and phone numbers follow consistent formats.

    Configure Custom Dedupe Rules

    Dedupe Using ‘Fuzzy Match Principle’

    Detect and merge duplicates with the same name, and company name, but different emails.

    Dedupe Using Fuzzy Match Principle

    Standardizing Categorization

    Data standardization categorizes and groups similar data types, such as organizing various job titles into standardized job roles.

    Configure Field Data

    Configure Custom Dedupe Rules

    Configure rules to identify the winning record and select how data should be updated for different fields.

    Set up & Configure Easily

    Customize Filter Logic

    Enhance the deduplication process and data cleaning through the ability to customize filter logic.

    Dedupe Using Fuzzy Match Principle

    Update Field Value

    Enable the modification of field values across selected records during the record merging process.

    Configure Custom Dedupe Rules

    Automate Deduplication Scheduling

    Set up scheduled deduplication to automatically check for duplicate records at regular intervals.

    Configure Field Data

    Automate Duplicate Detection

    Use predefined rules to effortlessly identify duplicates with a single click which eliminates the need for manual efforts.

    Optimize Your Data Management Process

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    Ensure Data Accuracy in Salesforce and MS Dynamics With M-Clean

    Besides Salesforce, M-Clean can dedupe data in MS Dynamics too, ensuring clean and streamlined data.

    M-Clean makes it easier for you to prevent data inconsistency in MS Dynamics, and boost overall operational efficiency. It supports all standard and custom MS Dynamics objects and offers the most advanced, comprehensive deduping solution.

    Looking to Dedupe & Standardize Your Marketo Data in Real-Time?

    Our Customers


    Streamline Your Data Management Efforts With M-Clean

    M-Clean can be customized based on the preference, usage, and utility of the user. And, the users can define rules to identify the winning records among the duplicates and merge them with the preferred records.
    One-Time Dedupe

    One-Time Data Cleansing

    With M-Clean’s one-time dedupe, you can remove all existing duplicates from Marketing Automation and CRM platforms or merge them into selected records.

    Real-Time Dedupe

    Preserve Data Quality

    With standardized data, you can simplify error detection, ensure accuracy, and provide decision-makers with essential access to reliable information.

    Live Dedupe Report

    Live Dedupe Report

    With live dedupe reports, you can check the history of the merged records at any time, including the number of duplicate records and how many of them were merged.

    Custom Solution

    Custom Solution

    With this solution, you have the ability to tailor field settings according to your specific business requirements.

    Our Custom Data Management Services

    Data Enrichment & Cleansing

    Data Enrichment & Cleansing

    We address and resolve any inaccuracies or gaps in the existing database to help you create a robust and inclusive marketing data repository. We enhance your operational efficiency, optimize customer outreach, and reduce the resources spent on managing the database.

    Data Verification and Validation

    Data Verification and Validation

    We use semi-automated tools to conduct email deliverability testing to determine the validity of email addresses. We ensure data accuracy and consistency by aligning it with your preferred formats for compliance purposes. Get a high-quality email list and minimize the chances of being blocked.

    Customized B2B List Building

    Customized B2B List Building

    We’ll gather all your essential contact details through various platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, ZoomInfo, Hoovers, Manta, EmailTester, Email Verifier, Lead411, and more. Then, maintain the lists and keep them updated through stringent validation procedures.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who uses M-Clean and for what purpose?
    M-Clean, a tailored deduplication and standardization solution, streamlines marketing automation and CRM platforms by removing duplicates and converting data into a computer-readable standard format.
    What are the benefits of M-Clean?
    M-Clean efficiently eliminates duplicates in marketing automation and CRM, preventing new duplicates and boosting sales productivity. It ensures accurate reporting in Marketo and CRM by eliminating skewed data. Data standardization in Marketo is crucial for marketers to enhance marketing efforts, and ensure consistent and reliable data for targeted campaigns, which leads to increased customer engagement and ROI.
    What platforms does M-Clean support?
    With M-clean, you can enable seamless integration with Marketo, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics.
    What Is the significance of data standardization?
    Data standardization helps reduce challenges related to poor data quality, including increased operational costs, unreachable customers, and misinformed decisions.
    How secure is M-Clean?
    M-Clean ensures that no data is stored within its system, and all operations are carried out exclusively through APIs.
    How does M-Clean handle customer data?
    No, M-Clean does not store or share your data. It is a tool that sits in your Marketo account and uses data from Marketo objects. If you need to back up your data, we offer full database backup and provide a one-time dedupe service using M-clean. These are accessible only to users who have access to a Marketo instance. M-Clean does not integrate or share data with any third party. None of your data is aggregated, anonymized, or analyzed.
    Do you offer a free trial of M-Clean?
    You can leverage the full potential of M-Clean with a complimentary one-month trial, having access to all its features along with 500 API requests included.
    Does M-Clean identify and eliminate duplicate records currently existing in the Marketo database?
    Yes, M-Clean identifies and eliminates existing duplicates in your database within minutes of deployment.