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      M-Clean: Real-time Marketo De-dupe App

      Mar 29, 2017

      3 minute read

      As per SiriusDecisions, your data doubles up every 12-18 months, and more than 20% of it would be duplicate data. The performance of your demand gen programs, and operational processes are highly impacted with duplicate data.

      To drive better results for your marketing program, you need to keep your Marketo data clean and without any duplicates. While Marketo offers Easy Merge service to clean duplicate records in batches, it is not a real-time solution. Grazitti’s de-dupe solution, M-Clean, helps you clean up existing duplicates with custom rules, and prevents new duplicates to be created. Database without any duplicates improves performance as well as does not impact your subscription cost.

      M-Clean helps you:

      Merge Existing Duplicate Records: Duplicate records can be created in different ways inside Marketo or via the CRM. M-Clean helps you merge duplicate leads based on custom rules to identify the winning record. When configuring the app, you have an option to merge the duplicate records both in Marketo and Salesforce / MS Dynamics CRM or only in Marketo.Dedupe Configure Custom De-Dupe Rules: Not all duplicates are bad in your Marketo lead database. There are cases where multiple people might exist in your database but with a common email address like [email protected]. In a case like this, you would want to keep different records in your system. M-Clean allows you to configure rules to identify the winning record and select how data should be updated for different fields. The solution ensures that after duplicates are merged, you have clean data in your system, and you do not lose out any information. Cases where you want to keep the data from all the duplicate records, like Sales Notes, you can simply choose to append the data, without overwriting any information in Marketo and CRM.De-dupe RulesInstall Real-time De-dupe app: Once configured in Marketo, M-Clean prevents any new duplicates in the system. As soon as any new lead is created or updated, the app would look for possible duplicate records and merge if any duplicates are found. M-Clean helps you improve your curReal-time dedupeGet Real-time Dedupe Insights: M-Clean gives you real-time reports to track how many records were scanned by the app, how many duplicates were found and how many duplicates were merged.Real-time insights M-Clean is a custom de-dupe solution that cleanses and dedupes your data automatically and improves the performance of your marketing campaigns. For more information, drop us a line at [email protected].

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