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      How to Remove & Manage Duplicate Data From Your Marketo Instance

      Jun 22, 2023

      4 minute read

      Marketo is a powerful SaaS-based marketing automation platform that enables marketers to:

      • Identify & nurture quality leads
      • Develop lead-to-revenue prospects
      • Manage personalized & automated marketing campaigns across channels

      And the effectiveness of your Marketo instance, depends on the quality of data stored in it.

      Data plays a crucial role in various go-to-market functions that you run from Marketo, such as nurturing, audience segmentation, lead routing, lead scoring, and more.

      In fact, B2B data deteriorates at a rate of 2.1% annually, which equals to 22.5% per year(i).

      And if you’re wondering why is that a concern?

      It’s because of the “1-10-100 Rule” that describes the costs associated with data quality. This rule illustrates the butterfly effect of inaccurate data on costs over time.

      This means, if your Marketo database is packed with bad data, it can hinder your marketing efforts, reduce the ROI of your marketing campaigns, and result in database overload that can hike your subscription fees per year.

      Marketo does not automatically dedupe active leads and a manual, continuous dedupe process is necessary to keep the database clean at all times.

      In this blog post, we’ll discover the impact of duplicate data in your Marketo instance and how you can combat the tangles of bad data to elevate your marketing efforts.

      What Causes Duplication of Data in Marketo?

      Duplicate data in Marketo originates from direct manual entries and list uploads that generate numerous, valid email addresses for a single user.

      Allowing this kind of duplication in your databases comes with a lot of risks, including high expenses and churn rate, inaccurate lead segmentation and scoring, ineffective nurture campaigns, and more. Let’s take a look at this in detail.

      How Can Duplicate Data Impact Your Marketo Instance?

      Sending the same content repeatedly to customers leads to 25% reduction in potential revenue gains(ii).

      Duplicate data in your Marketo database not just affects your marketing operations or revenue but also hampers your brand reputation and can cost higher than you may assume.

      Here are other reasons how duplicate data in your Marketo instance affects your business operations.

      Duplicate Data Impact Your Marketo Instance

      Impact Brand Reputation

      Duplicate data in your Marketo instance can create confusion and negatively impact brand reputation, as customers may receive redundant or conflicting messages. For example, if a customer receives the same email multiple times or receives different offers for the same product, it could make the customer feel that the brand doesn’t understand their preferences, highlight a lack of attention to detail, and create a negative perception in a customer’s mind.

      Reduce Sales Opportunities

      Duplicate data in your Marketo instance can lead to inaccurate lead scoring, forecasting, and segmentation. Ultimately, reducing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and limiting your sales team’s ability to identify and capitalize on sales opportunities.

      Moreover, your sales reps may not be able to identify high-quality leads or may contact the same lead multiple times or the wrong lead altogether. For instance, when there are duplicate data entries for the same lead in Marketo, the information contained in each entry may be different or conflicting. This can create confusion for sales teams, making it difficult for them to understand the lead’s needs and interests. As a result, communication may become ineffective, causing the lead to lose interest and resulting in lost sales opportunities.

      Affect Customer Service

      Duplicate data can cause customer service teams to spend a lot of time sorting through multiple records for the same customer, resulting in slower response times. This can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among customers who expect quick and efficient service.

      Also, if there are multiple entries for the same customer, support representatives may end up contacting them repeatedly or have inconsistent information about their problem or history with the company.

      Increase Marketing Costs

      Duplicate data in Marketo can increase the number of records in the database, resulting in higher storage costs. Additionally, sending multiple messages to the same contact can lead to increased marketing costs. For instance, you might end up paying more for the design, development, and delivery of your product/service brochure to the same recipient multiple times.

      Additionally, you won’t be able to identify which campaigns are generating results because of the inaccurate entries in your database.

      Decrease Team’s Productivity

      Inaccurate data can affect the productivity of your team. Cleaning up data or looking for missing information will consume their time that can be used to do other important tasks like planning effective marketing strategies, identifying new sales opportunities, building relationships with customers, and more.

      Duplicates can botch your reporting, resulting in inaccurate analysis and ineffective marketing strategies.

      To maximize the value of your Marketo investment, it’s important to ensure that your database only includes unique leads. By using a dedupe solution to remove any duplicate data from your Marketo instance, you can effectively reduce costs, save time, and get higher ROI from your marketing efforts.

      That’s where M-Clean can be your closest ally! Discover how in the next section.

      How M-Clean Removes Duplicate Data From Marketo?

      Grazitti’s custom solution, M-Clean automatically removes duplicate data from your Marketo instance and prevents the emergence of new ones. With M-Clean, you can get a spick-and-span database, increase the effectiveness of your marketing operations, and drive better ROI. Here’s how.

      M-Clean helps you to:

      • Automatic identification and removal of existing duplicates.
      • Merge duplicates created in real-time and notifies you accordingly.
      • Get an accurate contact list so you can create targeted marketing campaigns.
      • Keep your database clean to ensure accurate and informed business decisions.

      M-Clean is a one-time setup that will keep working in the background within a few minutes of configuring. Moreover, you can eliminate existing duplicates both in Marketo and Salesforce/MS Dynamics and prevent the creation of new duplicate entries.

      A real-time Marketo Dedupe solution will help you drive more ROI, a way to get beyond the inefficient data, and a gleaming database! Ready to give M-Clean a shot?

      Want to Detoxify Your Marketo Database With M-Clean? Talk to Us!

      Say goodbye to duplicates in your Marketo instance with our custom dedupe solution, M-Clean, book a demo here or to know more about its powers drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

      Statistics References:

      (i) 6sense
      (ii) Kylas

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