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      6 Reasons Why M-Clean is the Perfect Remedy for Your Bad Data Syndrome

      Dec 04, 2018

      3 minute read

      “Contact data ages like fish, not wine…it gets worse as it gets older, not better.” – Greg Thaler

      Empowered marketers achieve greater ROI and a squeaky-clean database plays a huge role in administering that. A dirty database consists of bad data, which is a combination of several old or duplicate leads that push you over your Marketo or Salesforce pricing threshold, which may result in exorbitant fees per year. Who wants to lose that money? Nobody! A one-stop-shop solution to chase away duplicates from your database is M-Clean. If you’re a Marketo, Salesforce, or an MS Dynamics user, read on to know how you can deduplicate, detoxify, and demystify your data with M-Clean.


      The evils of duplicate data harming your business

      Duplicates are unpreventable when you start gaining traction from your database. You need to stay on top of your game to cleanse your database of these duplicates. Tread carefully while verifying both lead records (the original and the duplicate) and identify which record has the most significant data (i.e., email address or phone number). Following are the evils of duplicate data:

      • They lower the efficiency of your marketing campaigns affecting your ROI.
      • They make it challenging to get a clear picture of the customer’s interaction with your brand.
      • They make evaluating your marketing and sales efforts a daunting task.
      • They clutter up your database clouding your business judgements, leading you to take less informed decisions.
      • They make you miss sales opportunities with the time wasted on chasing the wrong prospects.
      • They tarnish your brand reputation with the same marketing communication that gets sent to a customer/prospect multiple times.

      6 reasons why M-Clean is the magic wand you need for data deduplication

      Grazitti’s de-dupe solution, M-Clean, goes above and beyond the “duplicate data detection” or “easy merge” functionalities that some CRMs offer. It provides both one-time and real-time dedupe custom dedupe solutions as per each unique business requirement. Here are 6 reasons why you need M-Clean for your deduplication needs:

      1. It merges existing duplicate records: M-Clean helps you merge duplicate leads based on custom rules to identify the winning record. While configuring the app, you have an option to merge the duplicate records both in Marketo and Salesforce/MS Dynamics or only in Marketo.

      2. It lets you configure custom de-dupe rules: Not all duplicates are bad in your lead database. There are cases where multiple people might exist in your database but with a common email address and you’d want to keep those different records in your system. M-Clean allows you to configure rules to identify the winning record and select how data should be updated for different fields.

      3. It lets you configure the field data: On the basis of your requirements, you can configure field data like string, text, integer, date & time type fields to append, prepend, oldest created, recently created or recently modified.

      4. It detects and merges duplicates created in real-time: As soon as a new lead is created or updated, the app will look for possible duplicate records and merge if any duplicates are found, and notify you accordingly.

      5. It boasts of its ‘Fuzzy Match Principle’: M-Clean goes on a full-throttle ‘kill them’ spree and detects and merges duplicates with the same first name, last name, company name, but different email addresses.

      6. It gives you real-time data insights: M-Clean gives you real-time reports to track how many records were scanned by the app, how many duplicates were found, and how many duplicates were merged.For any smart, intelligent, and informed marketer, M-Clean is a treasure trove. The implementation of our M-Clean : Real-time Marketo Dedupe App would leave you with a workaround the ineffective pre-defined dedupe functionalities, a spic-and-span database, a boosted efficiency of marketing campaigns, and an ROI going through the roof! Now, go ahead and give M-Clean a shot, and be the ninja marketer that you are!

      Are you suffering from bad data syndrome?

      Say goodbye to your duplicate data for good, with our quick and effective dedupe solution, M-Clean. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we’ll take it from there!

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