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      OneMark: The Ultimate Pre-Fill Solution for Marketo Forms

      Sep 30, 2020

      4 minute read

      Using forms is a quick and easy way to get that oh-so-important customer information at the click of a button.

      In fact, 74% of businesses use web forms for lead generation and 49.7% agree that their online forms are their highest converting lead generation tool.

      Forms are like magnets that help collect user information. The flipside, however, is that users dislike filling out the same details again and again. This is why features like pre-fill and progressive profiling are a great way to reduce the churn rate and motivate your leads to take action.

      Last year, Marketo bid farewell to the beloved ‘pre-fill’ feature which directly impacts how you collect data.

      If you are a Marketo user, read on to know about our ‘one-stop-shop’ solution OneMark, to resolve all pre-fill woes.

      What Changed?

      So far Marketo has always provided the ability to pre-fill data in forms on Marketo landing pages.

      However, from April 2019, Marketo discontinued relying on munchkin tracking cookies to pre-fill forms to enable pre-population functionality in its forms. Now, pre-fill will only occur if you visit a Marketo hosted page form where the URL contains the ‘mkt_tok’ query parameter, which is most likely from emails.

      From a marketing perspective, this change can potentially halt your segmentation strategy, customer experience, lead generation, and personalization efforts.

      The solution to this challenge? OneMark.

      What is OneMark?

      At Grazitti, our Marketo geeks got their thinking caps on and created a smart, SaaS-based, web application that aims to amplify user experience with the pre-fill functionality for Marketo forms on Marketo landing pages and website pages.

      What Makes OneMark Special?


      This solution offers your users an easy and effortless way for pre-filling forms. Here are a few reasons why OneMark is important to your lead generation efforts:

      • Better targeting: You can keep your initial contact simple, like name or email, and ask for additional data with each successive form. This way your ask seems smaller. This will help build better prospect data over time for you to target better, personalized offers to your buyers efficiently.
      • Increased conversion: The fewer details the user has to fill out, the better motivated they will be to fill out your form which would help improve your conversion rate.
      • Amplified user experience: You can offer a better experience to your users as OneMark helps save your returning visitors’ time that have already filled out any of your forms in the past.

      OneMark can be a catalyst to your lead generation efforts. Here are some features of our solution:

      • All-in-one solution: OneMark works independently of the technology your website is built on which makes it compatible with any website or format.
      • Easy set-up: To get started, register yourself on the OneMark page and fill in all the relevant details.

      Next, go to the login page and enter your unique username and password.


      On My Account page, add your Marketo configuration details. If you are unsure of your Marketo details, you can follow the steps mentioned here.


      After this, we’ll provide you with an embed code to kick-start your pre-fill journey.

      • Easy to configure: You won’t require any assistance from your developers to configure OneMark on your website. All you have to do is place our embed code into the footer of your Marketo landing page or website page and you are good to go.
      • Secure: OneMark doesn’t store any lead information in cookie form making it GDPR and CCPA compliant.
      • Additional features: Apart from offering the pre-fill functionality, OneMark extends support for progressive profiling and visibility rules of Marketo that help create a better user experience.

      This is a subscription-based product and currently, with our free trial, you can get a 1000 hits per day for one month. If reducing friction in user experience is the name of the game, with OneMark you’ll be on your A-Game!

      Want to know more about how OneMark can help you? Talk to us!

      At Grazitti, we provide innovative and unique Marketo solutions to keep marketers ahead of the pack. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

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